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ID SCANNING SCAM ? Are you being used without knowing it ? DEATH OF PRIVACY ?

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January 4, 2013 in Technology


For years now Liquor Stores, Convienant Stores, and many more locations are now using ID Scanners at the register in order to verify Age, and Verify the Authenticity of Drivers Licenses and Non-Driver ID’s in order to purchase cigarettes and alcohol as well as other AGE Restricted Items. I am writing this article because their is little to no talk about WHO, WHAT, WHEN, WHERE and WHY this information is being collected. Although their has been many so-called whistle-blowers their is not much hard evidence to confront these Civil Rights abuses directly. In a thorough look at the collection of the information i have been told that this data is being collected (at least in NJ) for all legal purposes in accordance with regulations put forth by the state. I would assume that all of the states and from what information i have been seeing online that this is being implemented nationally. Now their are many things to be said about what this information is being used for, but for now let me speculate and see if anyone can gather the evidence needed to support this Hypothesis.

WHO: Private and Government or a combination of the two, Utilizing information collecting agencies to lobby states to allow for the use of further information collection technologies to in turn sell all data collected. This information collection technique may include, but is not limited to the DOB, Sex, Height, Race, Weight and Personal Identifiers such as Digital Photo and/or License numbers that can be used to explicitly identify any individual in accordance with collection practices. — Let me also state that their is no way to gather some information from a scannable barcode, The way a barcode of all styles works is to be read in its entirety and then a program will seperate the information into the desired party wishes to use–

WHAT: Government Issued ID Cards that have been mandated by most states under the REAL ID ACT or Similar legislation. The Identification Card itself normally contains a Digital Photo of a mandated quality, Tamper Proof Markers, Date Issued, Date Expires, DOB, Hair Color, Eye Color, Race, Weight Hieght and possibly Donor Information as well as blood type, Some various ID’s may have more info than stated, others may have less.

WHEN: As far as i know the most recent legislation was passed in 2002 and im sure many others have been passed before then and thereafter, States may vary in accordance but most will be similar. Their is probably similar stuff going on in other countries such as Iraq, England and other places in the European Union

WHERE: Nationwide including US Territories as well as the Virgin Islands, These practices are not limited to the USA, I am sure you can find more information about this and similar ID Regulations in most nations.

WHY: The purpose of gathering information is to intelligently seperate usable information into units that are usable for whatever the desired purposes are. Some of those reasons may be as follows. Examples:

Cigarette and Alcohol companies would pay for this information to use in Marketing and Delivery as well as be able to define desires and trends to certain products purchased and the brands and quanities purchased as well as use it to focus Advertising based on data being collected. The power of the companies and collectors using this info could also be used to determine what stocks will go up or down based on consumption rates throughout different times of the year and other market strategies, With computer power not only is this possible but similar information is already used to increase output ahead of product spikes in some of the worlds most sold products. Although people have said some of these things for certain, No viable evidence exists that i know of, Post links in comment section if anything pertaining is useful.

All Governments can use this information for either targeting or tracking. I have seen numerous articles of Bank Robbers supposedly dropping their ID’s at the scene and immediately the NEWS Convicts the person named on the ID as if they were guilty and the admition was the ID being dropped. Realistically that does not hold much weight in court, But to the public and to the government it seems to be that if an ID is found, Then that person HAD TO BE THEIR, No ifs ands or buts about it, Nonsensical i know but this is the truth in many scenarios. Additionally this information can be used on a large scale to manipulate global markets and manipulate global currencies, Such gathering of enormous information is threatening to Liberty and should always be questioned. And tracking the habits of people was at one time a costly intelligence operation. With technology now, we are at a crossroad, Combining this information and including it into a database with all of the other information collection operations going on privately and by government as well as the unknowing display of information on social media sites it begins to look like PRIVACY IS GONE ! I guess the scariest part of it all is ! Why is this information for sale to the highest bidder, regardless of what allegiances they have as well as it being at risk for theft. Is this data collection justified and are the Collectors Guarding my Privacy as they should or am i being sold to the highest bidder ?

Thanks for all the donations and support ! Have a good New Year and remember, Be Safe.


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  1. Great work! Such a well written article. <3

  2. They are only doing this because the people are putting up with it, same thing as with what the federal government and Obama himself have been doing. I would suggest minimizing one’s foot print as much as possible going to stores that do not do this to include in other states if that is any option. And of course, speak out against such actions to elected officials. Many are saying now like with the TSA the reason they still exist is because not enough people are speaking out against them. Very good article!

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