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How Do They Make Electricity?

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May 25, 2012 in Technology


There are several ways to produce Electricity.

1. Coal
2. Hydro
3. Geothermal
4. Solar
5. Wind Power
7. The Flying GEM-G

Coal: Pollutes the Air. Spending Billions to Operate

Hydro Dams: Spend Billions to displace people, ruins Fish Stocks, and River
Hydro Electric Dam Photo

Flow.Geo Thermal: Disadvantages see here:
Geo Thermal Plant Photo

Solar Panels: Spend Billions, but not much good on Cloudy Days or Night time.


Wind Power Turbines: Not much good when the Wind Won’t Blow, or being able to Control the wind Speed. They also spend Billions for this.

Wind Turbine Photo

Nuclear Power: Spend$ Billion$ to have toxic radioactive waste that last$for year$. Like at Fukushima, where radioactive fire spewed Toxic gas into air, and contaminated the Ocean waters affecting Fish Stock, and Eco system.

Fukishima Disaster photo


Nuclear Plant at Fukushima Photo

The Flying GEM-G. Runs non-stop, Non-polluting, Environmentally Friendly, Non-Toxic, Non-Radioactive, Does not need the Sun or Wind, or River Water.

Infowars.com Videos:

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3 responses to How Do They Make Electricity?

  1. Dom said on May 25, 2012

    I have gone down that road. First of all it does not work. Why? Because you can not control the magnetic waves sphere. Just because opposing represents non attraction, does not mean a thing. When you have one magnet it is the possible, but more magnets establishes the collision of the Magnetic Spheres, and they then find their attraction that stops the process.

    And why use magnets, when I can use a battery, or Capacitor instead? Batteries recharge, and so do capacitors, providing the needed real energy to gyrate a gyro or wheel.

    Maglev works for linear applications such as the Speed Train, and it is possible to create Maglev on a circular track, but my first step is to establish that the theory works by using a battery, then capacitor technology.

    Speed is not important now to create the Electrical supply, because when you consider the present system, they need to transform the power down in order to be used. But the reason it was faster in the first place is so electric current can travel long distances. If you have your supply station near your use site, you don’t need to have fast speed travel that requires transforming.

    So speed is not an issue right now for me. I only want methodical electric independence.

    Therefore the Flying GEM-G is my preferred mechanical appliance.

    Also consider that magnet wheels would be limited in power to turn the generator watts required to produce current.. A single home requires at least 5,000 watts.

    And if you decide to use stronger magnets such as using electric power magnets your magnetic spheres become too large, and they attract instead of opposing, and stops the rotational gyration.

  2. What about the fact that you can simply hand make electricity by constructing a massive wheel full of magnets, then contruct gears to turn this, one up to speed it would take minimul effort to produce great amounts of power

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