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How Can a Sales Quoting Software help to Accomplish Business Goals

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March 20, 2017 in Technology


Frustrated that you are unable to achieve your business objective of increasing sale, improving revenue and boosting profit margins? The main culprit here is the inappropriate way to manage your quotations. It is time to switch from manual to automated quoting in order to get the desired results.

Here’s how a sales quoting software can keep your finances in the pink of health:

You feel Confident about Bagging the Deal
With the tool, creating a quote that looks professional and visually appealing is no longer time consuming. Professionally formatted quotes using the tool creates a positive impact on prospects, in turn increasing the possibility of clinching the deal. Professionally produced quotes using the software tool gives you the golden opportunity to attract new customers and increase revenue.

Accelerates Sales Force Performance

Increasing sales performance is not just about hiring the right employees; it is also about giving your team the right software tools, which can help you get the results you expect. Productivity of team dips particularly when quoting requirements demand creating a configuration. This is a painstaking effort that may take hours to complete. However, doing the same activity with CPQ software guarantees that total time spent is just a few minutes.

Configuring products and putting them together into a quote with this tool becomes much simpler. As a result, your team can manage the quoting process more efficiently. This enables them to interact and convert more number of prospects into customers.

Quoting tools available on mobile applications can also contribute to increase sales. These mobile quoting apps give you the flexibility to use any hand-held devices for quote creation. You can manage your quoting process through smartphones, thereby helping you to do business on the go. It allows you to respond and fulfill customer’s quoting needs immediately no matter where you are. All this contributes in increasing your customer base and subsequently your revenue.

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