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Help identify strange device!

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February 26, 2013 in Technology


As I was driving out of my drive way today I see this strange device hanging on power pole front of my house. Any idea what it is. They came to put smart meters in and I told them I don’t want one. Is this a bypass for the meter or gun shot locator. Or wifi for the trees I live out in the middle of the woods. plz help









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  1. It looks the a 50-ohm “N” style connector at the bottom of the box, and the power connection on the left side.

    The “N” connector is for coaxial transmission line, used in RF networks.

    There is also a black “plug” on the right side. This could be an antenna.

    I speculate the device is a type of transmitter that can be intercepted by driving underneath with the proper receiving equipment. Using a circuit called a “bias tee” it is actually quite easy to inject and extract high-frequency (communication) signal from low-frequency (power) transmission lines.

    Source: I am an RF engineer.

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