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NAZI Gestapo’s First Task Was To Eliminate All Possible Opposition To The NAZI State

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November 8, 2015 in Technology


The concentration camps were not about ethnic cleansing initially.

Hitler, Göring, Goebbels and Hess

Quote from http://remember.org/guide/facts-root-solution
“In 1933, ten concentration camps were set up in Germany – the first at Dachau – at first for the purpose of imprisoning political opponents of the regime and then for specific victims, such as Jews and homosexuals. The concentration camps were intended not only to break the prisoners as individuals and to spread terror among the rest of the population, but also to provide the Gestapo with a training ground, a way of conditioning them so that they would lose all familiar human emotions and attitudes. In talks with a Nazi leader even before he became chancellor, Hitler had said:

“We must be ruthless…Only thus shall we purge our people of their softness…and their degenerate delight in beer-swilling…I don’t want the concentration camps transformed into penitentiaries. Terror is the most effective political instrument…It is my duty to make use of every means of training the German people to cruelty, and to prepare them for war…There must be no weakness or tenderness.”
The Instruments of Nazi Terror…”

The Nazi “brown shirts” were the thugs that beat the sheeple away from thinking they still had freedom. Hitler was mostly just a puppet and was following order from the masters of the collective of secret societies. Hitler messed up and hindered German attack upon Russia, I would say on purpose following his masters biddings… Germany and Russia were early twentieth century testing grounds for of using of totalitarianism upon the sheeple to test how easily they could be tricked out of their freedoms or their concepts of justice for all.
Hitler was quoted saying: If there is a comparison of methods for world-wide domination then controlling the minds of men by far is the easier method, rather than brute force alone.

Today, the secret societies have created their modern Brown-shirts with the use of brain-chips. Some call them “Gang Stalker” like Charles Langenberg did before they suicided him.
Poor, Chuck would not accept the modern facts of technology used to connect the organized stalking teams that snuck into this private living space, hassled him in public, nor wirelessly interfaced his brain activity with the secret society communication networks.

The brain chip interface is the powerful means that connects the “victimized” organized stalker to receive orders from central command of the homeland. The cell phone grid becomes the invisible “cell” for the new Brainchip Prison. You can’t see it, but you can see all the control towers springing up everywhere and citizens hounded by medical-mafia and other secret-society minions while proclaiming they have been illegally micro-chipped
Barrie Trower researched microwave industry and proclaim the telecommunication networks and infrastructure to be the greatest expense upon humans to date… why do few realize this? why is it kept out of the mass-media? Because if you are not in Club Totalitarianism then it will become your invisible prison cell if it isn’t already.

Oh, so you think you can hid your thoughts for the fascist? The brain interface monitors and translates all your synaptic activity. The nano-super-computer translates thoughs into compressed communications and streams it to central command via the control grid.
Your Orwellian thought police were here for decades already. This is old technology.

I you present greater than usual resistance to the mind-probing, then you are set up for a deadly accident with or without the Zombie Brainchip.

The Zombie Brainchip is secretly Manchurianized onto your brain by your local Medica-Mafia(local dictors, nurses and surgeons or students in a secret society).
This chip is placed directly over the apex of the upright human brain which coincides with the consciousness/motor-control function of the unhindered brain. This chip will render the brain unconscious and then take over the body’s movements like walking or driving a vehicle. The Manchurian Candidate becomes an assassin tool for central command or this subject is just suicided when desired. Possibly how Chuck really kicked the bucket.

One saving grace is seems is that their appears to be a compound needed to allow energy weapons to inflict sensations or damage and for brainchips to turn candidates into zombies.
Trace amounts of this compound will only allow pencil-beam concentrations of energy-weapons to be felt on the skin. But in high bodily concentrations the interface can take over the body, perform a task for central command, then consciousness given back to the owner of the body to wonder why the car being driven is suddenly rolling through the ditch or why or how a razor-blade gash suddenly appeared upon one’s face.

In order to control the populations within cell-control-grid territories, the medical professions have to be controlled. They are called the Medical-Mafia department, they visit in the middle of the night when the body is saturated with the reactive compound to these energy waves. In this state, the brain chip takes over the brain, walks the zombie over to the door to unlock and open it to the new-age of gestapo minion for more medical experimentation. Once that chip is in the skull the gestapo will peck at within the hen-house.

From my analysis, North America has be secretly fascist since before WWII, hence Prescott Bush’s offspring running the CIA and becoming world world renown leaders with family history of financing the Nazi’s and thus Third Reich.
You see, sheep like grass and when they watch unaggressive bipeds ponding in wood posts and stapling barb wire all around their green field, they say “Baaaa” When the bipeds begin gathering from behind the fence with shears in hand and hungry for more lunch-meat, the sheep look at the commotion and bustling and murmurs in a foreign tongue as un-noteworthy. The technology is beyond their interest for survival and none of them realize the nude, face-eating, bath-salts zombies are actually brain-chipped by medical-mafia, Manchurian candidates slowly fabricating false fears in order to hide what is really the things to be feared. Remote controlled humans by central command is a deadly combination. Bill Cooper said Timothy McVeigh addmited to being nano-chipped by the military and DARPA is now proclaiming remote control soldiers.

Well, the profane humans are now fenced into their cell-tower microwave control-grid and god knows whatever else technologies these megalomaniacs have horded for their culling efforts. The secret societies low-level members are conditioned to obey… like all obedient minions are brain-washed that “evil” is actually “good.” Cooper said the prime concern of secret-societies is member’s obedience and of course… keeping the secrecy from the profane and from lower levels within the secret cults.
It is like a massively spreading cult where minions cant see beyond their own noses or they have grown accustom to the sickening thoughts and behavior and now yearn for more. They yearn for the New-Dawn when they get to march through your local streets with their brown shirts on, high-tech weapons in hand, spotting curfew breakers and potential enemies to the New World Control-Grid State.

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