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Everything that you wanted to know about “programmatic”

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April 21, 2017 in Technology


During 3 past years, there are a lot of noise around a new marketing technology which is named “programmatic”. What does it mean? Is it difficult? How much profit will this technology bring? Let`s talk about such things as RTB platforms, a targeting, SSP, DSP and factors which make “programmatic” so popular.

It is a well-known fact that marketers always try to get more from customers reaching them from different channels and devices: laptops, tablets and smartphones. But advertisements shouldn`t be annoying. And it is a question of the targeting which must be highly customized and relevant due to a search request. This practice is known as programmatic marketing. How does it work? In this case, when we talk about programmatic, the technology of RTB platforms are being used. It means that purchases are accomplished in a real time using robotized system with the help of an auction. Actually, the programmatic is wider and consisted not only of the RTB. But a lot of newcomers start with this part.

Let`s dig deeply in this process. We won`t talk about technological details and will try to explain it using simple words. There are two parts of this relationship: a sell-side and a buy-side. The first side uses SSP (Sell Side Platforms) in order to propose a place on his website for the highest price. And a DSP (Demand Side Platform) is interested in buying this space for the lowest cost. Of course, there are more participants in this trade but at this stage, it is all you need to know.

Coming back to the targeting, the main thing which is important nowadays is a content and time when your customer will see an appropriate add. For example, one woman was interested in buying a new smartphone. She has just put one of them in a basket and didn`t buy it. But we know that this woman has a high salary, lives in Los Angeles and which websites she visits often. Using all this information, a system will choose an appropriate time to show her a banner so as to she will buy a smartphone. If you want to read more about this topic, search for the Acuity behavioral targeting to know more about this specific technology and stay in touch with the latest innovations.

The next thing which makes the programmatic so widely spreading is a flexibility and an accessibility for all kinds of clients. You can decide on your own which tactic will be used further. Moreover, such platform can be used for analytics purchases, the optimization of your digital campaigns and another thing. You can stay in touch everywhere and use different types of gadgets to rich a platform.

Finally, you have probably understood some general principles of the programmatic. Thanks for fast developing technologies, now you have a multiple choice on this market. But if you aren`t familiar with this technology and want to get more details, it would be really useful for you to learn some additional information about the Acuity behavioral targeting which was approved as the fastest growing technology in North America.

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