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Evaluate Human Digital Infection

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October 26, 2015 in Technology


“The Globalist social engineers will attempt to control the mind of each individual through artificial intelligence.”
From 3/23/2015 AJ show, and probably the most profound expose of the historic human struggle of good and evil.

What is this digital infection?

The astute observer studying EULAs of various software can parse out fundamental and at times obfuscated contract qualities which are alarming.
To use/install software an assumed agreement in doing so is subject jurisdiction of that use to abide by all conditions in the EULA else don’t use/install it.

Very soon an equally alarming agreement will require users of the internet to subject jurisdiction themselves to conditions obfuscated but in addition some form of biometric value required along with logistic data already surrendered through the ISP connection, i.e. MAC addresses, IP addresses, attached to billing information, which is indirectly attached to employment/income tax records but with the sweeping speed of digital technology collecting and coordinating all this information has never been easier, an incremental arrogance has crept into society as acutely engineered and purposefully designed.

All of the above is but an element of the set “digital infection”. In grandpa’s days accuracy in contract law and financial prowessness was reserved to bankers and lawyers. Proving who grandpa was, his identity, more weight was afforded by relationships by social relationships than by record. A person would be known by his trade, baker, smithy, carpenter, mailman, village doctor, town lawyer, judge, constable, etc.. It can be argued that with population explosion those wielding the levers of power are no longer satisfied with old conventional identification. The past 20 years has been littered with identity concerns. Privacy pirates serve to accelerate the Hegelian dialectic production of digital qualities, of legal determination of who you are.

It is mind boggling the totality of such a machine that purports to accurately systematically track from the cradle to the grave every human being on the planet at any given period of time. An incremental infection of society, a comprehensive capture of all human activity translated into digital elements which can then be manipulated by the “machine”.

Video games are a huge tool of infection. If a “gamer” would step back from involvement for a day, a week, a month, putting him or herself further and further away from participation, a measure of withdrawal can be evaluated, subtle, subliminal, but it is there, surprising how comprehensive and incrementally AI poisons the human mind. The comprehensive capture of life is first realized through daily living. Entertainment is an extremely strong human changing value element of this digital infection. How errant children were once set in a corner for even a short period of time, instructed to remain speechless and motionless for just ten minutes, wearing a “dunce cap” as punishment. Some people are able to “entertain/occupy” their minds without digital instruments, in fact, this ability is growing less and less in each subsequent generation in the industrialized first world nations. The degree of this ability can vector by deduction the degree of digital infection. The effectiveness of the punitive tool is in the set up, the phenomenon of time perception, if the mind is not distracted/entertained ten minutes will seem like an eternity to the child.

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