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Enjoy Unlimited Local And STD Calls with India’s best Network

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April 11, 2017 in Technology


Postpaid plans that offer unlimited local and STD calls are the in-thing from all telecom majors in India. About 22 years ago, India was still living in the dark ages as far as the telecommunication industry was concerned. Unbelievable, but true! Old timers will tell you how you how difficult it was to get a telephone connection that did not budge. They had to depend on landlines, uncaring linesmen and a department confident in its monopoly that customer services were not even on their list of priorities.

Enter the private telecom operators in 1995 and in the short period of 22 years, the country is connected by mobiles and you can call your friends and family of any corner of your home, your country or any part of the globe. The industry has grown to become the second largest subscriber base of the telecom markets in the world. In fact, the new generation, born in the 90s and thereafter, considers convenience calling and superb services their right. And why not, the standard of services, the quality of equipment and calls has raised the bar to international standard by the first generation of telecom private players such as Airtel.

In fact, the telecom giant has gone ahead and added another popular feature to all its plans, which resulted in all other operators playing catch up – unlimited voice plans. One of their most popular plans is the myPlan Infinity, under which you as a subscriber can buy a plan starting from Rs. 499/- up to Rs 2999/-. The free data varies with the plan, for example, for Rs 499/- you will get 3GB data while for Rs 2999/- you can enjoy up to 40 GB of data.

You can avail a lot of unlimited benefits – voice calls (both local and STD), roaming calls (not applicable only on 499/-) music and videos, messaging services and 3G/4G Internet. If you buy a plan for say Rs. 799/-, you will be entitled to free voice calls, free roaming (incoming), sms, subscription to movies and music, along with 6 GB data at speeds of 4G. You need a 4G compatible handset for 4G speeds else you can continue to enjoy the Internet connection with 3G speeds. You will get 1GB data for 3G speeds and 3G phones.

The privileges are simple to avail too for both young and old subscribers. All you have to do is go the Airtel website and choose a plan that suits your needs and budget. Enter your billing address and upload documents such as Aadhar card and your SIM card will be yours for taking. For the old generation, getting higher speeds and more value for money can be quite exciting, the new generation on the other hand, take choices and offers of unlimited local and std calls as their right. Airtel goes right ahead and continues to treat young or old alike and offers them unlimited call plans. Every generation can enjoy myPlan infinity, a postpaid plan designed to please all pockets and data requirements.

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