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Easy Maintenance Tips for Your AC system

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December 18, 2017 in Technology


The common misconception is that air conditioner maintenance regimens are difficult and complicated – they are not. There are a few easy and straightforward maintenance routines that you could include in your chores to ensure that your unit serves you for the best part of its lifespan and that the energy bill remains in check. A regularly maintained AC system will be more efficient and use less power. Also, you will avoid costly emergency breakdowns.

Air conditioner maintenance routines

It is important to note that while most homeowners can do some maintenance, others may require the use of a professional technician. You will know that you need a technician when the system requires a lot of opening of components that you have little or no knowledge about. An experienced technician will also educate you on the areas that require regular maintenance and the much that you can do at home.

The following are some of the easy air conditioner maintenance chores that you can do.

Clean and replace air filters

The first thing you can do when maintaining your AC unit is checking the status of your air filter. This component requires regular replacements or cleaning if you have a reusable filter. Experts recommend replacing the filter once every month during winter and summer and once during the low-use seasons of fall and spring. The common indication that your filter needs replacement or cleaning is when you notice a decrease in the amount of airflow due to dust or dirt, which would make the system strain when in operation.

Check the fan

The other component of the AC unit to check is the fan. Begin by unplugging the system from power and examine the fan located on top of the condenser unit outside. The fan blades should be in good condition and should you notice any chips or cracks, be sure to replace them. If you notice any noise in the outside unit, then chances are that the fan is faulty. It may also require greasing if you use the old condensing unit.

Check the wiring

It is advisable to ensure that you turn off the power to the AC system before beginning any maintenance chore. Open the access panel on the condensing unit and check for any anomalies like melted or burned wires. Any electrical connection should be tight and well insulated. The contractor switch should also be in good condition and if not, be sure to replace it. Some of the electrical cables maintenance tasks are complicated and if you don’t feel comfortable handling them, seek professional Orlando AC repair.

Thermostat examination

The thermostat might be the reason your unit is not working as it should. It is important to regularly examine it to make sure that it is fully operational. One way of knowing that your thermostat is faulty is when some rooms in the house are colder than the others. Also, if you are still using the old-fashioned thermostat, you may want to switch to the modern programmable one.

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