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Deep Freeze – The Best Alternative to Reboot Restore RX

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October 17, 2017 in Technology


As a potent Reboot to Restore technology, Reboot Restore RX is offered as a freeware compatible with Windows operating system. It works optimally in the computing environments requiring small public access, such as libraries, kiosks, internet cafes, and classrooms.

One of the conspicuous qualities of Reboot Restore RX is that it restores the already saved baseline setting of the PCs with each restart, thus making them easy to use and maintain. Consequently, it is increasingly used by tier one IT departments seeking optimally configured PC reboot solutions.

Functionality and Variants of Reboot Restore RX

Reboot Restore RX proactively captures the snapshot of the original state of the PC during its installation and revives that exact state with every reboot. Such a functionality, like Reboot Restore RX, is particularly essential in computing environments with common public access, in which the users can access any computer tools and functions without any restrictions. Thus, any damage to the PC becomes a strong possibility, whether driven by intention or caused by any accident.

This Reboot Restore RX application prohibits any changes on the PC made by the previous user, such as new software installation, changing registry settings and removal of files, by bringing back the preferred baseline setting configuration each time the system is restarted. Reboot Restore RX increases the utility and availability of the workstations to the next user.

Reboot Restore RX has two main variants for offering optimal access control system- Reboot Restore RX Professional and RollBack RX Home. Reboot Restore RX Professional (formerly known as Drive Vaccine) blocks changes on the drive(s), making the systems unbreakable and bulletproof. Restoring can be scheduled on hourly/daily/weekly basis, and can be performed even during user idle and log off time. Reboot Restore RX also comes with a complementary centralized management system and an upgraded option for scheduling automatic updates without the need of disabling the restore feature.

RollBack Rx Home, on the other hand, acts as a prompt time machine that permits the users to select any of the seven different restore points saved on any PC before the reboot. Moreover, the restoring occurs within some seconds. However, as Reboot Restore RX removes all previous changes with every reboot, Reboot Restore RX also causes the complete removal of necessary personal information like credentials and credit card numbers, imposing certain user limitations. Additionally, computers accessed by the public require very stringent security and system protection measures. A more utilitarian substitute of Reboot Restore RX could be Deep Freeze by Faronics, which has a strong presence across multiple markets.

Best Reboot Restore RX Alternative: Deep Freeze-Reboot to Restore by Faronics

Deep Freeze by Faronics has been the first of its kind in using patented Reboot to Restore technology to freeze a pre-defined state of the PC and reviving it every time the system is rebooted. The Reboot Restore RX alternative shares cloned information which could be accessed by an allocation table without having the need to store them on the hard drive. However, the table is no longer referred to when the system restarts. This keeps the original system configuration intact.

Read More about Reboot To Restore Technology at http://www.faronics.com/technology/reboot-to-restore/

With the optimal use of the Reboot to Restore technology, unlike Reboot Restore RX, it delivers 100% recovery of the workstations, while enabling the user to use it without any restriction. Additionally, unlike Reboot Restore RX, it runs well on both Windows and Mac operating systems (OS). Apart from facilitating higher productivity and greater IT efficiency than Reboot Restore RX, the benefits of Faronics Deep Freeze are manifold, some of which are highlighted below:

Ensuring Seamless Field Operations: With its unique computer Reboot to Restore technology, Deep Freeze is capable of fixing major system-related issues without the intervention of the IT department. This has led to the impressive 63% reduction in the IT service requests, while enhancing IT responsiveness in ticket handling. Moreover, its central management system not only manages multiple systems across the network, but also offers customization options to the users. These options weren’t available with the earlier Reboot Restore RX.

Catering to Both Organizations & Individuals: Deep Freeze is not entirely enterprise-centric. End-users can face trouble accessing the system optimally after an upgrade, or face recurring system compatibility problems. Many  times, users fail to identity the underlying issue, costing both time and money, and causing further delay.

Deep Freeze aids the end-users by locking down access to drives, start-menu items and control panel and syncing data to My Cloud Drive for any data loss prevention. Furthermore, the cloud data cannot be downloaded to the computer without specific requests from the users. This empowers the end-users to safeguard their personal information against any cyber theft or system break-down unlike Reboot Restore RX.

A Real Time-Saver: Any attempt to fix malware or system bugs heavily affects the productivity at work. Ignoring such problems for a prolonged period can lead to system slowdown which later calls for an immediate troubleshooting. The inability of end-users in diagnosing the problem could end up in mounting IT tickets requested from different departments, a large number of which goes unanswered.

Deep Freeze, unlike Reboot Restore RX, not only shields the systems from malicious attacks and zero-day threats, but also removes all unauthorized software for the convenience of the users. Thus, it facilitates license compliance for the particular enterprise more efficiently than Reboot Restore RX.

Providing Reboot to Restore Solutions Beyond Snapshot: RollBack Rx Home, a variant of the Reboot Restore RX, enables users to take 7 different workstation configuration snapshots, so that the system can be rebooted to any of the desired state in case of adverse configuration issues. However, this snapshot strategy compels the IT department to allocate a vast storage space to accommodate all the snapshots, which slows down the system in the long-run. Moreover, it triggers repetitive reviewing of the selected snapshots before the restore, which is also a time intensive job.

Faronics offers more secure access to the system than Reboot Restore RX by implementing its solution at a kernel level, which facilitates a simple reboot while eliminating all the unwanted changes. It also means that the settings protected within the solution remains unaffected even when there is an abrupt malware attack on the operating system. Also, it provides greater convenience compared to Reboot Restore RX, because it effectively amalgamates both anti-virus and anti-executable tools for better security without taking additional storage space.

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