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Deconstructing Twitter : A Quick “How-To” on what “Not-To” do

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December 5, 2012 in Technology


To whom it may concern,

My name is Courtney Driver a.k.a. @Flipthistweet on twitter. In less than one year, I have grown my personal brand from 0 to 1,342 loyal and ACTIVE followers . Among who are some of twitters’ blue checkmarked (Verified Accounts) suchas @RealAlexJones himself, @LucCarl , @MrChuckD , @AHMalcolm , @TINBand, @BeverlyJohnson1, @THEMOCOLLINS , @AlexSkuby, @TenMinPod (Chris D’elia , Will Sasso , Bryan Callen) and the list goes on …

I have been featured on three podcasts ( Baboo news , Ten Minute Podcast *updated , The Alex Jones Show *last 5 minutes) , I have been mailed (2) free personally autographied books with a personal thank you letter for my efforts from @WBrettWilson and have had my designs featured on numerous websites including one for AriShaffir ‘s website.

I have done and accomplished all this without one penny spent or one outsourced person used. How you ask… one word PASSION. The link that binds everyone together who want to create, maintain or have successful relationships with people is PASSION. Passion for what you do, Passion for who you’re trying to reach, Passion for where you need to be, Passion for when you need to do it and last but not least, Passion for why you started.

Now before I can list a bunch of “How-to’s” and what “Not-To do’s” first I’m going to give you a small crash course in Social Networking Economics 101 .. Ready .. Here .. We ..GO !
Being on a social networking plateform suchas Twitter is kinda like being the “New Kid” in school .. GASP .. I know what you’re thinking .. Stop right there .. I don’t want to be Social anymore .. But speaking as someone who has lived through every possible awkward high school moment .. whether it be for getting picked on because i didn’t have designer clothes, or being laughed at because I was tallest girl in the class.. thrown rocks at because I didn’t speak the language (french) or going to prom alone because I wasn’t willing to sacrifice my personal morals or be labelled as a “sure thing” like so many of my female counterparts were. So with all that said and done Twitter is a walk in the park. Actually, it’s a safe haven for Real, Positive, Creative, Business Minded indivduals to take charge of their destiny bridge gaps in geography and be able to share personal or public matters of the mind, heart and soul all without having to leave the comfort of your happy place.(home, work, park, coffeshop…) Likewise, now you understand what the playing field is like (highschool),let me explain some of the key figures and *tweeps (*twitter peeps) you need to keep in your radar that can either hurt you or help you. Consider the “owners” of twitter @twitter and @verifed , like the principal and teachers of your highschool *twitterverse (twitter universe) experience. If you act in a manner that is unbecoming (spamming verified accounts, making threats , being blocked for crude behaviour ) you run the risk of being “expelled” de-activated account, no pass go .. do not collect 100$ verified or not (ex: Joey diaz had his account blocked and re-instated @madflavor) So to anyone posting incriminating pictures (suchas possessing, smoking,drinking, owning illegal substances, behaviour or acts of sexual nature) my one mantra for you would be .. before posting would be the following ..if my parents/family/friends/coworkers/boss or future child(ren) were to look at this would I still post this? Pretty sure this isn’t an issue for most however, many believe the internet is written in pencil when it’s actually written in pen. Don’t be fooled that just by creating a fake account, with a fake name that you can hide behind anonymnity to launch hateful words and spam people with junk tweets hiding behind a fake “sexy” pics that you got off google. Because not only does good news travel fast, but on twitter bad news travels even faster. You may think you’re ahead of the game flooding peoples timeline with garbage, but in the meantime you have been “blocked” or “unfollowed” and you’re none the wiser. Which if you’re blocked means the person you’ve blocked thinks he is still following you, but you don’t receive any of his/her tweets (messages) or see any @replies (a reply to a tweet), which is a very personal attack on someone. I personally, have only had to block 1 person since I started, it is not something that you should embark on lightly because, if you block the wrong person, for the wrong reasons it could literally come back to bite you in the (excuse my french ) derriere. Because on twitter everybody has the possiblity and in somecases have connections to very powerful people who can literally ruin your existance on twitter if you’re there for the wrong reasons. Case in point @jennyjohnsonhi5 after receiving some nasty twitter replies from @ChrisBrown for some comments she made about his behaviour, fought back and was so brutally honest made @chrisbrown close his twitter account out of shame. Because as we all know, you can spend a lifetime building a reputation or career, but can have it collaspe in the blink of an eye, with a ill-placed joke, or inpromtu comment.All this to say.. use “blocking” as an Extreme last resort option, after exhausting every other avenue (Direct Message, Tweets, Replies) of understanding. On the flip side is “unfollowing” which is a fairly impersonal act. Which can be quiet easy to handle with simple programs such as www.justunfollow.com , which allows you to see who unfollows you , follows you etc… Which is helpful because truly successful people Now on twitter know it’s not about the quantity of followers you have because 1 million followers are fine and dandy to have as a visual to people who know nothing about the industry. However companies who previously bought followers are dumping that equation and quickly (ex: @AlexBaldwin bought and joked about buying his million of followers with yen). You see the real “money,power,meat and potatoes” lies in “ACTIVE, REAL” followers, not bought and paid for “NON-ACTIVE/FAKE” accounts.. because the proof is in the turnover ratio. What is turnover ration you ask? It’s the amount of time people SHARE your info.For example if you have 1,000,000 followers and you send out 1 tweet and only have 3 people *Retweet (*Re-post to their timeline) or 2 people * Favorite (* Add to their twitter locker for safe keeping ) that’s bad :( That means that for every 1,000,000 people less than 1% are PRO-Actively following you. Which for some who are using twitter, soley for benefit and monetary self-promotion is going to be their weakness. Because anyone who is on twitter is very aware of those with less than noble intentions and are able to spot shameless self promotion acts. Ex: @JasonSeger or @KevinJames where briefly on twitter for about a week before there movies launched and were tweeting images and dates.. however once the movie was launched…so did ended the tweets. Which actually did them more harm than good, because REAL (Celebrities/Buisness/Regular people) on twitter (Eat,Breath,Live) on twitter, it’s our home and when (blue checkmarked people or non bluecheckmarked people) do that sort of stuff or are just looking for what “they” can get out of it will be a plateau relationship rather quickly. Similar to a guest who comes to your house and is disrepectful and or un-courtesy and eats you out of house and home, you will smile politely.. but the next time ..will turn of the lights and pretend no one is home .. or in the *twittersphere (twitter atmosphere) click the “spam” “block” or “unfollow” button. To contrast, if you’re on twitter to be “REAL” and share info/jokes/links and have an honest no BS existance you will be with the “cool kids” in no time. Because that’s the reason why honest people gravitate towards twitter as apposed to facebook because it’s the only place in the world you can just “be” yourself famous or otherwise and let your proverbial “hair down ” and “cut loose”. In one afternoon , I can discuss business with @RichardBranson (who tweets all his own tweets and is on 24/7) , or share an article with @JoeRogan (who is also twitter addicted and tweets all his own tweets) or being and sharing information with one of history’s current and future Info Warrior Hall of fame @RealAlexJones (which I would suggest not changing your twitter handle @RealAlexJones to anything else , now that you’ve built a solid foundation under this one because it will lead to confusion and many possible seeds (tweets,retweets,favourites) being destroyed. And as we all know a powerful twitter following doens’t happen over night. It happens one follow at a time and than one day a great following has been created.

In order to maximize and optimize you’re existence and possiblities on twitter you need to put yourself out there. If you wanna be “fake” or picture perfect without fault, that’s what facebook is for. For people who are afraid to admit their having a bad hair day, or that they actually have no plans on friday and that sometimes having natural human thoughts R rated or otherwise are all part of human nature and it is this very act of deceiving one another that we don’t have these feelings and inner dialogues is what truly sets us up for failure. Take @TheRealRoseanne for example, she is running for president and tweeted a picture without makeup from an unflattering angle looking up from chin and was all over blogs and news. Some may say this is bad publicity .. but the wise know that in PR there’s no such thing as bad press, good or bad the important thing is to get people talking. Talking it did , she’s now running for president. The other successfull attribute of the “twitter elite ” is ENGAGING with their fellow *tweeple (twitter people), because they recognize taking 2 seconds out of their time to other reply/retweet/fav a genuinley interested and engaged follower is worth millions in free advertising. Because again twitter is a magical place, sometimes you don’t know whose account belongs to who… you may think it’s a nobody.. but it could actually be a second account of a celebrity, who is just looking to blow off steam or be “normal” and get away from everyday problems .. or it could be a highly motivated/determined person who has looked up to you and would just like to be part of a circle of awesome and wonderful people. Or it could be a low-life that can’t put together 2 co-herent words to save his/her life and should you ignore them will not even realize the difference. So with that said, the possiblites are limitless .. call it Six degrees of Tweeperation ! So with great power like with anything comes great resposability. That’s why I strongly urge using programs suchas Just Unfollow and when following people do a relative quick “twitter background check” which entails .. checking if they have a bio (many bots don’t have any bio .. some are starting to post 1 line) in that case check how many (tweets)(following)(followers) they have .. chances are if they have 0 tweets their spam for sure..less than 20 could just mean they’re new to twitter… however.. if they have less than a 100 tweets but more than 1,000 followers without a blue check mark .. they’re also probably spam and shouldn’t be trusted. Now to the subject of following, depending on how many followers you have can and should be used as a tool to limit who you follow. Because, you don’t want to follow everybody, because quiet honestly not everyone deserves that priviledge and it will lessen the value of your account. It’s kinda like the old train of thought “no one’s going to buy the cow, if you give the milk for free” likewise, no one will value your follow if they feel no sense of priviledge in acquring it. Moving along, next is looking at their pictures, now depending on your reasons for being on twitter this standard can very dramatically. But assuming you’re looking for “quality” not “quantity” tweeps, real pictures , quote pictures are usually good stuff, outdoor pictures, no-makeup , just everything/anything that sparks your attention will spark that of your viewers. The more personal the attempt at humour at showing beauty in whatever form that could be water from a stream, the way sunlight hits an object, the way your animal makes a face ..and by animal that could also mean children ..lol I’m not a parent ..but from what I hear and see on twitter .. ” it’s like ripping your heart out and letting it play in traffic all day everyday for the rest of your life :) so my hat’s go off to all parents.. pretty sure twitter is the reason most of you are able to stay sane and have some you time ! also very important .. there’s an unwritten code within twitter, that incase you send a tweet that you’re unsure if it is going to be mis-read as aggressive or mean ..just add lol or LOL at the end .. this is a sure fire way to avoid any misunderstandings.. or for the more experience twitter users .. thats where FAVICONS comes in … lol 140 character limits can be tough sometimes….however with little picture drawings your point gets made without having to commit any grammatical errors to achieve so..(“Facebook the place where stupid people have no word limits and Twitter where intelligent people do” …sorry had to add that twitter inside joke ;) )
Now moving unto the use of “HASHTAGS” # …. going back to the analogy that twitter is like highschool… rememba back when, when you had something to say but didn’t want to bother the whole class to do it, so you wrote what you wanted on a piece of paper folded it up in a little package and said a word and passed it along to other people in your classroom. That’s how hashtags work, only the people looking for them will find them, and is less intrusive than @replying someone all the time (however if @replying is done properly can really be important) So.. anywho.. back to the hashtags. Say I love art and want to increase my followers , a good way to do that is in my tweet to somehow incorporate #art into it .. because anyone who types art in the search bar or clicks on the hashtag will see anyone else’s tweets that had that in it and is a way for like minded people to find eachother or to share a cause. Sometimes people use hashtags to be ironic, in the sense that they make it so many words that noone is bound to type it in on purpose but it just sounds funny ex: #shouldabeenborninthe50s this is funny and will stick in the persons mind , or it’s a way to get to the point without having to share every little detail.. you let the viewer put the pieces together ex: “yata yata yat we got a #divorce ” this makes the viewer assosicate all the differnet feelings in one word instead of many which saves/time/energy and tweets… Lastly, the ultimate goal of hashtags is to be able to setup a safe spot where you and you’re followers can go to connect, share and keep everyone engaged.. because let’s face it , it has to be a give/take relationship because or else people will lose interest. For example : @TheRock showcases and promotes #TeamBringIt where he will hold a 1 hour or 2 hour session where he will pre-determine and promote a live chat time with his followers and do like a Q: and A: that way his hastag existence on twitter gets in the trends section and boosts his popularity and following and at the same time keeping his followers happy! Win-Win for everybody and the best part is it doesnt cost any extra money and brings so much happiness and positive karma! So I have many other tips and strategies however don’t want to overwhelm you… So to recap in point form here’s the quick do’s and don’ts :


  • post the same tweet a million times – it will fill someones’ timeline up with junk and they will be annonyed
  • be FAKE – If successful people like Alex Jones, Joe Rogan, Charlie Sheen , Richard Branson can tweet in the first person and talk directly to people so can you, outsourcing this task to anyone else is a waste of money and is better that the twitter account release less tweets but people know they’re true tweets than running the confusion that your audience doesn’t know when and who they’re talking to.
  • buy followers – twitter isn’t about quantity it’s about quality and you’re as strong as your weakest tweep, which if it’s a non-active spam bot it’s going to hold you back
  • post anything incriminating (drugs,etc..)
  • just follow anybody , it’s better to have a much lower following count than followers because you are who you follow and you may miss some really good powerfull tweets if you’re following too many people
  • take you’re followers for granted, just because they followed you doesn’t mean they’ll stay if all you give them is the “stick” (not replying/not retweeting/not favouriting) favouriting is the simplist act to let your followers know you appreciate them “carrot” and what they have to say and keep them engaged in what you’re doing ..like they say there’s no “I” in team and in order to be successful it’s a two way street.


  • Post Quality stuff (jokes/pictures/links/random thoughts/treat it like a public diary)
  • Be 100% REAL, because it will make you approachable,human, down to earth and make people less defensive or your actions , because we all know perfection doesn’t exist, and by being strong enough to say what and how your feeling allows your followers to do the same , which in return creates an amazing force of positivity that makes it hard to break. People invest in things that they know/feel are real and will scoff what they know/feel isn’t
  • be careful and choosy who you follow, because those that you follow are like independent representatives for your brand, and whatever they do will reflect on you and likewise, and the last thing you want is to have someone reflecting or dragging your image in the dirt or in the negative light
  • Be appreciative and aware of who got you to the position that you’re at .. You’re followers .. they’re like the legs that you walk to get you where you want to go and should you forget that .. you will be left handicapped. So dont be afraid to express gratitude in any way shape or form possible, a picture a short video any thing that has thought behind it will go a long way
  • lastly don’t be afraid to use punctuation .. for example adding a :D or a :-) or a lol or a ! to your tweets share positive energy and lets people know your PASSIONATE which is what all this is really about ..

To conclude,
“Our goals can only be reached through a vehicle of a plan, in which we must fervently believe, and upon which we must vigorously act. There is no other route to success.” – Pablo Picasso

Courtney Driver
A.K.A ( @flipthistweet)


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6 responses to Deconstructing Twitter : A Quick “How-To” on what “Not-To” do

  1. I have just started an alternative news website with multiple bloggers expressing their opinions on a wide range of topics. I read a few of your blogs and thought the topics were excellent and they were very informative. I would love to incorporate some of your work into the website. If you would like to take a look at the website it is http://www.worldwidecorruption.com I hope to hear from you soon.

    • Hi WorldwideCorruption ! Merry Late christmas & early happy New Year !
      Thank you for your very kind words and would be completely cool with your idea of networking ! You can email me the details at courtney@ pulsedesigns.ca ! Peace out fellow infowarrior

  2. I don’t own a cell phone anymore. I am ready to even ditch the internet when the time comes. When the government spends billions on technology to track every email, every text and every phone call, it is time to find low tech means of communication.

    • I thought like that before , but hiding in the woods alone waiting to die isn’t a way for me to live, I m not afraid of them or their tactics that I know my self, I will die standing up with my fellow brothers n sisters not on my knees cowering to their existence. Thanks for commenting tho, happy new year Brian !

  3. Wow we have been trying to get our site out there and known and do have a twitter never really thought of taking the approach to it that you have. You see my passion is in the website I have built http://patriotspot.wall.fm, but maybe I should take another look at our twitter it maybe just what we need to get our site out there.

    • Thanks for your thoughts Patriot Spot ! Yes your website is your foundation, so defiinitelty great job for starting with a proper foundation, i believe twitter is a great outlet for you. I always refer back to a comedy drawing that i saw once ” it was a picture of a store with a big bankrupt going out of business sign over the top.. and 2 guys wakling by ..with 1 saying to the other .. aw man if they would’ve advertised like this when they were working i would’ve for sure shopped their :( ” gotta put yourself out there!

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