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Boycott Google, Ask StartPage to Stop Using Them

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December 31, 2012 in Technology


Ever since the Google “Penguin Update”, many websites dropped out of sight, and nearly all the top results are now like Wikipedia, Imdb, Amazon, About.com, etc, etc, etc, and also Pay Per Click. They say it was to get rid of “web spam”, but aren’t they really saying that just about everyone except the main stream sites are spam? It seems to be a form of censorship, favoring the MSM.

Start Page filters out the Google tracking, but it still uses Google, and their “filtered” search results. What we really need is, a new search engine, and a new alogorhythm, that does not favor the MSM. I say, stop using Google, use anything else, Yahoo, Bing, Ask, whatever.

Gerald Celente is a victim of “Google Penguin”, and the recent sneaky censorship that has been hitting the web via Facebook, Google and all the other intelligence fronts.

Gerald Celente Sues Google Over His Identity.

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4 responses to Boycott Google, Ask StartPage to Stop Using Them

  1. I stopped using Google long ago when they started bragging about how much they know about people and the profiles they can build on everyone. When it came to light their relationship with intelligence agencies and revised their privacy policies I was so glad I saw the writing on the wall. In spite of all that people and companies will continue to use them just as Google services are used on Infowars websites, just as this one. I have wrote before in Ask Alex about why they use Google considering Alex has talked about how bad they are, but never got an answer. I feel that for Infowars to use Google they are putting their users at risk and their is nothing Google offers that is so important to justify that. Gathering and presenting usage statistics is easy enough to be done in house and both cheaper and more secure to do so. I use filtering to block all Google access and for a while prisonplanet.tv was largely unusable to me. For Infowars to use Google also seems illogical for another reason; considering who Google’s friends are they could cause serious performance issues for all Infowars websites that use them to the point the site(s) become useless.

  2. Any suggestions for a better search engine?

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