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The Future of Blockchain Networks

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July 17, 2017 in Technology


Blockchain Networks

Komodo is a decentralized blockchain network technology that aims to be the heart of the SuperNET system. SuperNET, a horizontal decentralized organization, aims to create decentralized blockchain solutions to world wide problems. Privacy, a recent problem emerging from governments worldwide, is a solution Komodo solves with its use of Zcash’s Zero Knowledge proof technology. The sender and recipient’s details are not disclosed to the general public making the Komodo one of the most private blockchain networks available. It is because of this function that makes Komodo’s role in SuperNET so important, in that, all technology built on top of SuperNET is protected through Komodo privacy technology.

At the center of SuperNET is coder named JL777 who has a reputation throughout the cryptocurrency community to be beyond competent in coding blockchain networks. Whilst he/she remains anonymous, the publicly available code speaks for itself. The proof is in the pudding: JL777 is the developer behind Komodo’s Delayed Proof of Work protocol, which is a defense mechanism against evil actors trying to steal money. DPoW allows transactions to be cancelled before they are put on the Komodo. In other words, it decreases the motive of trying to hack the chains built on top of Komodo.

After a successful ICO of 2639 BTC, equaling 6 million+ USD with recent prices, as well as a huge portfolio of Alt Coins, SuperNET now has the funds to expand its services. With huge capital backing SuperNET, JL777 announced he will allocate 1 million dollars to each project building on top of the SuperNET network, all of which will use Komodo as the pulse. This in itself should boost the value of Komodo. As transactions increase on the Komodo network, the more valuable Komodo becomes, hence, the future of Komodo is bright.

So what are some of these amazing services we have been hearing about? The most simple of which is Jumblr, a decentralized coin shuffling service. The main of goal of Jumblr is to maintain privacy of not only Komodo transactions, but of all major cryptocurrencies. Using BTC as an example, the BTC will move through (to use the simplest of terms) Komodo (which uses Zero-Knowledge Proof privacy technology), then back into BTC in order to clean the money. All of which is done at a small fee. The Jumblr technology will be available within SuperNETs upcoming Agama wallet.

Another service close to completion is EasyDEX, a decentralized exchange. Whilst decentralized exchanges exist on other platforms, such as WAVES, EasyDEX is different in that it interacts with centralized exchanges. Essentially what EasyDEX does is remove all the risk from trading on centralized exchanges allowing the user to trade from with the Agama Wallet, essentially asking SuperNET trade bots to buy up coins on their behalf on centralized exchanges. This is a gold mine for professional traders as this means all buy and sell orders from multiple exchanges are lumped in together on the Agama wallet allowing the trader to pick the best buys and sells available at that point in time. Traders will be able to lock in instant profits through arbitrage trading. As with Jumblr, SuperNET will change a small fee for the service.

Jumblr and EasyDEX are two of many planned services being built on top of SuperNET. The fees will be shared through the SuperNET asset which will be available on the Agama wallet in due time. Investing in cryptocurrencies are not only moral, as they are the answer to our financial freedom, but they are also a investment opportunity like no other. Not only is SuperNET backed by a huge NAV (for example, SuperNET own 1% of IOTA), SuperNET has large potential revenue streams from multiple services that are not only being built on now, but also future services too.

To understand the sheer depth of Komodo and SuperNET, one can only understand if they come into SuperNET slack. Upon entry, in the midst of multiple channels, are SuperNET coders from all around the world contributing to this vastly complex and fascinating project. Layers upon layers of code are daily being shared amongst the best coders in the world. If you are interested in joining SuperNET, or are just an investor, the best place to be is SuperNET slack.

To join SuperNET slack, go to http://slackinvite.supernet.org/.

Website: https://supernet.org/en

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