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Advantages and disadvantages of CCTV cameras

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September 13, 2017 in Technology


CCTV cameras are used in a variety of circumstances to ensure video surveillance. School districts use CCTV to monitor activity on school campuses. Companies use CCTV cameras to monitor employee behavior. CCTV can also help retail establishments by offering protection against loss of theft. However, the use of CCTV is not without controversy. Each institution must weigh the pros and cons of deciding whether CCTV is the right method of protection.

Crime of deterrence

If video surveillance cameras constantly monitor a retail business, criminals will likely look for an easier target. If employees know they are constantly monitored, they are less likely to steal from their employer or waste time at work. School children who know that their movement is registered every may be less likely to carry weapons to school or engage in criminal activities on campus. The effect of surveillance cameras in Philadelphia was studied over a period of two years. While crime in overall surveillance areas fell by 13 percent, the number of areas where crime fell was equal to the number of areas that if no drop at all.

Protecting employees

customer service employees are often required to manage angry or frustrated clients. Face-to-face interactions with an angry customer can put the employee in physical danger. CCTV cameras can save employees from damage by monitoring these volatile situations. They also serve as a deterrent to violent behavior by these clients.

Keep a record

If a crime is committed in an institution that has installed video surveillance, the investigation will be facilitated by the video. If an argument is made between two employees, the employer can view the videotape to determine what happened.

CCTV does not always work

Unfortunately, CCTV is usually not able to display every square inch of a business or facility. Even if the cameras are positioned correctly, there is no guarantee that the cameras will catch any crime or undesirable behavior performed on the property. These cameras can sometimes be upset by covering them or by sticking a piece of chewing gum over the lenses. When cameras are raised above the ground, criminals can avoid detection by simply keeping their heads down. Someone who is familiar with the property may still be able to move around in the surveillance and avoid getting caught. If the cameras are positioned incorrectly, will not be displayed on the camera. In this case, much of the behavior that CCTV cameras are designed to detect will not be captured on tape.


Video surveillance sometimes causes controversy. The opponents of CCTV systems oppose the invasion of privacy that occurs with constant video surveillance. Employees under constant surveillance by Samsung CCTV cameras often set such control over their daily behavior.

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