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5 Things You Must Know before Going Solar

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December 29, 2017 in Technology


Recent research shows that energy bills account for about half of most people’s monthly expenses. From business electricity, travelling fuel to home electricity, the list is always growing. To cut the energy costs to manageable levels, many people have sought alternative sources of energy. One viable alternative that many people seem to agree with is solar energy. Before going solar however, it is important to have certain things in mind.

The roof positioning matters

For maximum harnessing of solar energy, it is advisable that your roof be positioned away from the shade and directly facing the sun between 9am and 3pm. For the best outcomes, it is advisable that the solar panel be positioned in the southwest area of the roof. This way, they will be able to make the most out of the available solar energy.

What’s your budget?

Before making an investment in solar energy, you must have in mind the maximum amount you are willing to spend. Remember, the initial investment in solar power might be steep. For someone without a budget, you might easily get scared. It is important that you calculate your monthly power bills. Thereafter, try to establish when you will break even once you install solar panels. At which point will you start saving on energy costs?

In order to reduce the costs incurred, you can think of handling the installation in phases. Install different panels separately while keeping in mind the overall costs. Planning beforehand makes handling of the project more realistic and bearable.

Think of insurance cover

Solar power should be considered a serious home investment, just like the other investments. It costs quite a huge amount to install solar power. The last thing you want to happen is to make losses in case of something unexpected. Pelamis experts recommend that you have in place a suitable insurance cover. For those who already have homeowner insurance covers, you can simply get in touch with your provider and make modifications to the cover.

Which roof do you have?

Apparently, many people forget that the type of roofs they have for their homes can have a significant impact on solar energy installation. It costs more to have solar panels installed on Spanish roof tiles compared to the common asphalt shingle roofs. You should consider your roof type and assess how it is likely to impact on the overall cost of solar installation.

Be keen on the choice of solar company

Before committing to a particular solar installation company, you should make comparisons of different companies. Look at the installation prices offered. While it is a great idea to save money, you should be careful not to settle on very cheap installation services. At the same time, you must be very careful not to base your hiring on charges alone.

Consider other factors such as reputation, experience and services offered. With the right choice of service provider and having considered other essentials, you can be sure to have an efficient solar installation.

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