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Tips for Decorating “Lodge” Themed Bedroom for Your Kid

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August 4, 2017 in Street Art


We all like to decorate our kid’s room according to their choice. But we also need to remember the budget when decorating it. As it is not always possible to change all the furniture after they grow up, it is better to choose a theme that is perfect not only for the kids but also for the adults. The “lodge” look is such a decoration that will enchant your kid and can be appropriate for him even after he grows up. As this theme lets to use lots of varieties, your child will be able to use his creativity when decorating his or her room. Besides, children also like to explore and wander in the wild. And when their room will give them a feel of wilderness it will become their most favourite place to hang out.

Another important fact is when you will decorate your kid’s room in this way you can use the rustic log furniture. The best part of these types of furniture is they are not the only budget friendly but also fashionable. For example, you will find kid’s rustic bed in a number of designs and style. These beds are cost saving and last for generations. So, you won’t have to worry about changing them. Some tips for designing your kid’s room are given below for your help.

  • You will have many options for beddings to choose from in this theme. For instance, you can use bear, deer, moose, camping scenery or elk featured comforters for the bed. You will also find quilts of rustic and log cabin themed that you can use to give the room a completely different look. Apart from these, you can also use the plaid funnel patterns or denim as the bedding for your kid’s room. As you are decorating the room for your kid, you should use something that doesn’t get dirty easily. The fabric also needs to be comfortable enough for your kids.
  • When it comes to the bed itself the rustic log beds, handcrafted beds or the timber-look bed frames will suit your theme perfectly. These beds will help to create a wild atmosphere in your kid’s room which will undoubtedly be highly appreciated by your kid.
  • After the bed, you need to decorate the wall. Be careful when painting the walls as it is the most important part of the room. You can either paint it in the single colour of earth tone like the coppers, rust, light brown or tan or you can use contrast colour schemes. For the contrast, you can use the combination of different colours like red, green, wood tones etc. Also, if you can use colours that match the beddings the decoration will look amazing. You can also use wallpapers. These are available in different designs and with different pictures. You can also buy wallpapers that match with the beddings. Also, if you use log wallpapers with the painting of log beams on the ceiling, the decoration will look more appropriate and beautiful.
  • If you want to add something more, adding a stone fireplace at one corner of the room will work nicely. You can also use fake stones which you can easily find at any store. You can also use photos of wild animals and birds and hang it on the wall. You can cut these photographs from any books or you can also buy it online at a low price. Apart from the photographs, you can also use tree branches instead of curtain rods. The curtain colour and shade should also match the theme of the room. The stuffed animals also work great as the decorative piece.

These are some tips that will help you to decorate your kid’s room. Apart from these, you can also use your own ideas to make the decoration unique and enchanting.

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