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There’s something in the water…. Fluoride

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November 15, 2012 in Street Art


Hi Guys !
Don’t forget … today is last day to have the chance to get 15% off Propur ! Do your part spread the word so that not only can we help infowars .. we’re actually helping our bodies at the same time and by adding “the great culling” to the mix, we’re helping our minds too… who could really ask for anything more?



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3 responses to There’s something in the water…. Fluoride

  1. Here we have a sign on bottled mineral water that has over 1,5 mg per liter of floride that it’s dangerous for children under 7 years of age. I gues you in USA get all the best stuff. :)

  2. Yes that very well may be .. however there are those who are unaware or have yet to take action … that is who this publicity is geared towards.
    thanks for posting a comment, have a great day

  3. We all knew this……. years ago

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