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September 6, 2012 in Street Art


Recently came across the idea to spread “infobombs” by spreading QR codes around. Those can be linked to pretty much any web content you want (movie, webpage) and placed.. well.. alsow pretty much everywhere. But I would choose legal places of course.

Target group in this would be people with smartphones. Isn’t it intresting, how not a very smart idea to buy this ratfink device is affirmed by calling the device – “smart”.. meaning – you are dumber than your phone since you bought one. Anyway – so the target group for such messages would be people with smartphones. I would gues – bored people with smart phones who are so bored, that are ready to take a deeper look into a QR code they saw at the busstop. So these “infobombs” in no way are “a weapon of mass awakening”.. But I think that they could work on some isolated cases of trendines and some students who are just curious by nature. :) I think – it’s realy not such a bad group of people to give information to.

This whole thing is quite new for me, so I’m just warming up with these.. Sooner or later i’ll think of the way this weird square can placed in a design that would look somewhat descent. But maybe that’s not even needed and simplicity here is the answer? Maybe just a small sticker with just the code would work better? Any ideas on this?

Once i’ll find “my” way of designing such stickers, I will just print them on A4 size lable paper and stick them at places where most trendies, studens and students who have the potential to become trendies hang out. But i’m pretty sure that even better places can be found once i’ll look more for such places :)

“want to work for NSA?” (sketch) –  a video quote from a movie about Hill Hunting.
“Most awesome thing” (sketch) – a video quote from a movie “Network” on how TV lies to you.
“I’m mad as hell” (sketch) - a video quote from a movie “Network”.. do i realy have to explain wich quote this is? :)


P.s. If in mood – join the group QR codes as infoweapons

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3 responses to QR codes

  1. great job, now you just need to print some stikers :)

  2. The trendy liberals will be exposed to the naked truth :D let’s hope it doesn’t offend their sensibilities.

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