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Printable Booklet: US Government Released The Chemical Weapons In Syria Because They Want To Go To War

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August 29, 2013 in Street Art


If you think about it, all the fiery death the government is about to rain down on Syria is a big victory for the anti-war movement. The United States could have turned Syria into a glass parking lot any time they wanted to, so why did they wait for two years to do it? They’ve failed to overthrow Assad through Muslim Brotherhood proxy and that’s why Obama has no choice but to use the military, without congressional approval or even United Nations approval. Not only has Obama been forced to show the people that he’s no different from George W Bush, but when the Muslim Extremists take over Syria and threaten the United States the world will now know it was our own government that put them in charge, and that’s great news.

We’re not going to stop our government from the slaughter it’s about to engage in, but we can use it as a teachable moment about false flags in general, to try and stop the next country from being bombarded. The Syrians are already dead. Don’t let them die for nothing.

After printing each top side, flip the paper vertically then print the bottom side. Page 1 goes on the bottom, then page 2 goes on top of page 1, page 3 on top of page 2 and so on, top sides facing up and bottom sides facing down. Then fold across the line in the middle and staple across the fold.

You can take a bunch of these with you very time you leave your house, and litter the streets with them as you’re traveling around town going about your business. While the congress is on summer break, you can visit your congressman and hand him a copy too. There’s two blank pages at the end for writing personal messages or advertising events.

Page 1



Page 2



Page 3






Created in Firefox using Print 2.0. If you’re using a color printer, you can copy and paste the “save” code here to print without those pesky yellow dots that can help the government track the booklets back to you.

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  1. Actually it seems to be just the color printers that do the yellow tracking dots. If you’re printing black and white, then you should be safe.

    You mentioned trying to stop the next country from being bombarded. While I don’t know if that’s going to be possible, can you imagine picking one of these booklets up, reading what that next country will be, then seeing that country attacked by the west just like you read in the booklet? You would have no other choice but to conclude that the government really is orchestrating the middle east crisis.

    You cited Lindsey Williams a couple times in your timeline, so you must know that the next country to be overthrown will be Saudi Arabia. Why not make another booklet about Lindsey Williams and everything he said about the new world order, especially the coming attack on Saudi Arabia? If everyone reads about that now, before Assad falls and the civil war in Saudi Arabia begins, then that new civil war will cause an explosive awakening because people will remember that they read about the new world order doing that very thing before it even happened.

    Think of it like an info-mine that will be triggered by the next act of their play. We got these globalists right where we want them. We already know their plans thanks to pastor Lindsey, now all we have to do is tell everyone what they’re going to do next and they will finally see the new world order being set up with their own eyes.

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