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Video: Mear One’s Anti-Illuminati Mural “Allegory of Complacency” in Los Angeles

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August 6, 2012 in Street Art


Mear One shows you step by step the action of his monumental anti-illuminati mural based on Plato’s ‘Allegory of the cave’.



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16 responses to Video: Mear One’s Anti-Illuminati Mural “Allegory of Complacency” in Los Angeles

  1. The man’s workmanship is beautiful. It captures the freedom of the American spirit. Just a suggestion… do a murial depicting the suicides of our American military in relationship to a murderous and treasonous shadow government inside our American government, That would be a hard one to capture. I’m not artist enough to capture it on my own.

  2. Word, I love how he put chemtrails on it. Beauty man, keep up the good work!

  3. This is awesome!

  4. To the Illuminati:

    Go away Illuminati for you are not welcome on this planet anymore, in fact get off of the Earth and fly into the Sun and die in a horrible and burning agony that you the Illuminati bastards deserves.

  5. Simply Amazing!!! Keep up the good work!

    • I wish I could watch this video but planet infowars deleted my new account and seems to have block my ip address. Now I can only access this site through a proxy server. This is ridiculous because I’ve done nothing wrong. Either this site has been infiltrated or I’m going to have to become suspicious of infowars. I supported infowars by spreading the word and this is the thanks I get! I never even been critical of the infowar team yet they seem to have always treated me somewhat like trash. I wrote my first good article on that account. Man I’m upset.. there’s more freedom on facebook then on here. Please address this issue and unblock my ihumanity account and my ip address or I will end up losing all hope in infowars. Alex Jones you better not be a fraud!

      • I wonder that maybe it could be more and more they are shutting down servers or blocking websites to sites like this … I had a ‘forbidden server’ one evening trying to get on all of Alex Jones websites, rebooted and then was ok? Just wondering if somehow this could be happening..

  6. MEAR is the shit man!!!! He was on of the first writers in LA talking about things like Illuminati, chem trails, and government conspiracies back in the 90′s .

  7. speechless

  8. really nice to see mear one in action!

  9. Awe inspiring. :)

  10. make a t shirt 4 colors

  11. This is a great share! I loved watching him do the shading and really seeing the images created.

  12. nice work, great inspiration.

  13. awesome post

  14. On the thumbs down, I accidentally gave a thumbs down before because this site is backwards of youtube for one, the thumbs up is on left. Not to say there are a bunch of trolls out there. This is an amazing video and mural…

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