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Christianity: the deadliest poison

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November 9, 2012 in Street Art


You are not free,
and you never will be-
Because your mind is enslaved
to a narrow theology.
You think the fight,
is to save your religion;
to turn back the clock, to when your
grandparents were livin’.
You think the conspiracy is
to take your faith;
While your eatin’ up TBN, CBN,
like its chocolate cake?
Served by your masters, that’s why
the youths always in disaster -
you want em scared straight?
Why don’t you rescue them from their fate
of living in a world built on bigotry and hate?
But what’s it take?
An real honest look a the truth -
you got no proof that your book is better
than the book of your foes,
that the white man’s religion is the one that god chose.
So take a deep breath – relax; stop, look, and listen.
Always keep in mind that Christ wasn’t a Christian
or an orthodox Jew – Christ never sat around in a pew.
From 12 years old to 30 we don’t have even a clue,
as to what he was doing.
So remember, when you start preaching heaven and hell,
it was Hitler that used the oven on the ones that he felt,
were evil.
But my God, the one that is really infinite,
doesn’t burn people for little insignificant
theological errors.
So next time you claim your book is the only true word of God,
remember it was written by men, in the age of Bronze.
The truth will set you free, prove all things, so the book says if
you haven’t seen.
From religious institutions free your mind and make it clean.
You speak the name of Christ, that’s nice. But your actin more like a pharisee -
ready to condemn your brother for any trivial heresy.
But whatever. This stuff has been going on for forever -
while the aristocracy laughs that we can’t get it together.
Finally, I’ll leave you with the words of your savior:
Salvation is for the Jews: but I say,
God is a spirit who must
be worshiped in spirit
and in TRUTH.

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