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Amero … Anyone ?

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November 8, 2012 in Street Art



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6 responses to Amero … Anyone ?

  1. The Amero is already printed out. Its a split between the greenback we use currently for domestic and international trading. The redback currency will be required for us to use for international purchases, because it will be backed by a commodity, most likely silver.The green backs will be used domestically, and will be virtually worthless. Imagine trillions of green backs being exchanged by our creditors for red backs. Hyper inflation beyond imagination when we are buried in worthless paper. Used to have a picture of the currency, which has the heads of Federal Reserve presidents on the various denominations.

    • Couldn’t agree more, the only good defense is a good offensive, just being aware and stocking credit in gold or other seemingly valuable items will mean the difference between surviving and bargainning… your freedom

  2. I have heard that they would skip Amero and planning to go directly to Cashless, Digital Currency.

    • Hey Kay! I believe the amero will be the straw that breaks the camel’s back … in the sense that with society they have to take baby steps in order to avoid detection ..and once they sell the ppl on how the amero … boom RFID implants and hasta la vista individuality and hello hacker/governmentcontrol free for all ..

  3. Nice.. is this original?

    you should join this group.. http://planet.infowars.com/groups/infographicwar/

    • Hi lou! Yup everthing (design/text) is my orignal work !
      Thanks for the heads up about the group ! Just realized I had comments (still getting used to this awesome place) Thanks again peace out !

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