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America in communism

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February 10, 2013 in Street Art


I drew this picture to help illustrate Americas decline into communism .https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/-erPbAvZqsMI/URdTytcpgeI/AAAAAAAALbI/heDkl3VLSNg/s640/american_communist_flag.jpgOne day we might have to pledge our allegiance to a United America and one nation under a new world order.


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2 responses to America in communism

  1. Very nice!
    You have captured the main method how flags of soviet countries where formed. I think this is pretty much how such flag would looked like if USA was one of soviet republics.

    But i’m pretty sure that nowdays comunists are putting aside the old sybols and taking new ones. For example – french comunist party has droped the hammer-sickle symbol and chose to have just a five pointed star. I personaly think that comunists and colectivists on all kinds today choose the green color, “green” ideas, “green” religion, “green” scienece.. And there’s a reason for that – green is a color of the world when there’s no pink, no yellow, no brown, no black, no any kinds of people – then there’s just green. Before they had the red as the color of the blood to depict the blood baths they will make.. now – they are “greens” of all kinds – to show what the world will look like when they are finished what they are about to do. :)
    So i personaly would of made such flag in green, not red. But that might be too complex for people to understand.. so the red works fine too!

  2. Nice drawing! Keep it up!

    Can I use this image?

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