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What’s Up With The Planets Around Earth

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November 13, 2015 in Science


The facts prove a lot yet people don’t pay much if any attention to them or care about humanity advancing positively in what is natural. The artificial society pushed upon this culture before birth have slayed much of humanity’s potential. For technocratic gain they’ve ruined everything that’s humane, what life stands for. Love is the greatest power a human or anything for that matter could harness. The truth is automatic yet hardly any care enough about life to realize. We have to love, earth is not the only one, the universe is filled with life and lives fully within what’s true.

Mars has the same amount of dry land as earth does exactly paralleling to the ‘theory of super-continents’ but much more precise to the truth. The overall ratios of that planet compared to ours pans out on the best geological evaluations available, with very simple equations have come out on point so something as important as this definitely needs to be addressed. Mars has the largest volcanoes on the surface because that planet is in development.

Venus on the other side of earth and the closest to us apparently underwent great catastrophes which in turn flipped that planet upsidedown and now spins the opposite direction than it should, that is under current understandings. The world itself isn’t trustworthy but it’s wise to be connected with the earth that’s right now our only home. It seems instead of admitting fault it’s me people project they hate on for the truth. What’s the matter is the difference between reality and fiction. The open acceptance of either eternal freedom or oppression.

Most people today don’t even seem to know where the planets in the solar system are at and how many times the old hypothesis has failed yet been reconstructed even though it’s based upon a false premise. With the globalists push for imprisoning people that dispute primary anthropocentric global climate change, can’t you see who they’re preparing against? The reality is if anybodys to blame it’s those who’ve detonated high explosives in the atmosphere and the technocrats overruling society with no regard for mankind. They’ve experimented on humanity and strive on record to become another species. While people dwell on the past they neglect their very future.

There’s one more of the terrestrial planet that’s only makes everything that much more obvious. The inner most planet Mercury is mainly iron core remnants. According to the conventional theory that people have been relying on for much longer than a century, before space travel and most facts were collected, proved this planet and the largest ‘gas giants’ couldn’t have formed in their current positions, yet still people decide to rely and build upon a fraud because it has become easily acceptable in the collectivist sense of safety that really doesn’t amount to anything. A society based upon people individually, freedom for all and justice are what civilization should’ve always been about valuing the truth rather than profiting from the fake culture. It’s better to live in truth than die for what’s wrong. Evidence and insight are bountiful for those who can see and hear the real, being true to ourselves.

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