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January 5, 2013 in Science


Profits over your dead bodyArs Technica 17:09
PR-5 new parts test (Video)Robots Dreams (Weblog) 16:56
Designing Outside the BoxThe New York Times: Dot Earth (Weblog) 16:51
Voyager: Rendezvous With NeptuneTom’s Astronomy Blog (Weblog) 16:43
The Windows 8 GlossaryScientific American 16:24
Alaska earthquakes fill in zoneOntario Geofish (Weblog) 16:06
Bread and MicrobesAardvarchaeology 14:31
A Sleeping GiantSlate 14:22
Swedes eat 70 tons of fake filletsThe Local (Sweden) 14:07
Alaska earthquake – M7.5Ontario Geofish (Weblog) 13:16
When Will My Fridge Tweet Me?Discovery Channel 12:47
Fission vs fusionHow It Works 12:38
Bulging modern human foreheadsDienekes’ Anthropology Blog (Weblog) 12:03
LHC: discovering grand unificationThe Reference Frame 11:46
Chromosomal rearrangements and human-chimp speciationDienekes’ Anthropology Blog (Weblog) 11:43
2013 sizes up sweet and sourVancouver Sun 10:24
Scenic Saturday: The Thames at LondonHighly Allochtonous (Weblog) 10:07

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