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This is the REAL REASON why the power elites WILL NOT murder Alex Jones

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January 19, 2013 in Science


Recently, Alex has been making it clear that the power elites are more desperate to kill him at this present moment than they ever have been because he is taking his job more seriously than ever before (and you can’t blame Alex with all the desires the government and banking cartel have recently shown to disarm America.) However, the idea that Alex will get murdered by the power elites is LUDICROUS to say the least, and the idea that they won’t kill him cuz he is a prominent public figure is true, but somewhat misleading. Yes, killing him would cause a huge uproar from the public which would probably enhance people’s fight for liberty in Alex’s honor. However, this is not the primary reason why they won’t kill him.
In truth, the real reason they won’t kill Alex is cuz compared to most humans, Alex has attained a much higher level of consciousness. The science of consciousness (which the power elites do not want people to know) implies that if someone has attained such a high state of consciousness then killing them would only spread what that person stands for throughout consciousness to a huge extent. In other words, killing Alex would allow for the common people to attain liberty/freedom much faster than they would’ve if Alex was alive because killing him would cause a huge “disturbance in the force” to use a Star Wars analogy. Technically, it is a disturbance throughout infinite consciousness, and to understand this one must understand the Mandelbrot Set. The Mandelbrot Set is best known for explaining fractal geometry (which is used to measure the precise length of a coastline), but it can also be used to explain the science of consciousness, and since math is the language of the cosmos it applies to all of reality. Two notable features of the Mandelbrot Set symbol (which looks kinda like a beetle) is that every part of it is a smaller part of the hole, and the set itself goes into infinite smaller parts. You can think of each human being as being a small portion of the Mandelbrot Set and the whole Set itself can symbolize infinite consciousness. When someone of a high level of consciousness gets murdered by evil forces, it will cause the whole Mandelbrot Set to change because when a small part of the Set is changed, it is unavoidable that the whole Set will change. The higher a level of consciousness a person has attained, the bigger a disturbance in the Mandelbrot Set it will cause if they are killed. So killing Alex Jones would cause a much bigger disturbance in the Set than killing a sheeple-person would, and as such people will be able to attain liberty much faster after Alex is killed.
Such instances have happened throughout history, most notably the death of Gandhi. When Gandhi was alive he fought hard for India to gain independence from Britain, and when some idiot made the huge mistake of killing Gandhi it only sped up India’s independence from Britain. When Gandhi was murdered it caused a huge disturbance throughout infinite consciousness (the Mandelbrot Set) that everything that Gandhi stood for spread throughout consciousness and as such allowed for India to gain its independence faster than they would’ve been able to had Gandhi been alive. Likewise the same would happen if Alex Jones was killed.
And in case anyone is wondering, the public figure on planet Earth who has attained the highest level of consciousness, and as such the person who the Powers That Be fear the most and are the least likely to kill is………………. DAVID ICKE! Killing freedom fighters like Alex Jones, Jim Marrs, Jordan Maxwell, etc. would allow for people to gain liberty and freedom faster, but killing David Icke would allow people to gain freedom faster than anyone else on Earth. Here is the link to a video where Webbot creator Clif High explains why David Icke is the person who the Powers That Be are the most afraid of and the least likely to murder: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NmtoFt2s6XI
Lastly, it should be noted that this would only apply if Alex or some freedom fighter was murdered by evil forces. If a benevolent person tried to murder Alex for the purpose of helping society gain liberty faster, it will not work. It will only work like that if Alex is killed by evil forces. So don’t get any crazy ideas and try to murder Alex to help society gain liberty faster. It doesn’t work like that unless the murderer is evil.

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  1. you’ve got to be joking,so who decides who the ‘evil forces’ are..I guess it’s the ‘good guys’ though by your reckoning both extremes co-exist as a fractal of the mandelbrot set.
    And what of these “evil forces’,are you speaking of a group consciousness or are you suggesting that the individual is at the mercy of the whole and any act of free will is actually determined by the group.
    I can’t follow your logic.

  2. LOL

    You worshipping the guy or something? Just weird.

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