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The Apollo 11 Landing Point Designator (LPD)

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February 2, 2013 in Science


The Apollo 11 Landing Point Designator (LPD)
The Commander can look through a set of scribe marks on the inside and outside of his window and the LPD angle will tell him where to look along the vertical scale to find the place where the computer thinks they are going to land. When we compared the still images with the 16mm film footage we did notice that the LDP lines do not show up in the Hasselblad still images. We are searching for the answer to this question.
Credits to NASA for those images.
We created a rollover image to show you that both cameras where in almost the same position, the first image is AS11-39-5843 and the second is from the 16mm camera. It is clear that the LPD must have been in the view field of the lens for both cameras. Why does the LPD not show up in the Hasselblad still image. Also we did not find ant disturbance in the image that indicates that the LPD is out of focus. We still searching for an answer to this question
  and your suggestions are welcome.
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