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Thank you for all your feed back… KEEP IT COMING

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November 16, 2015 in Science



I want to thank you for your comments and feed back concerning the articles i have written.

Not only does it put opposing views in the open where everyone can see it but supports the distribution of my stories.

it does not matter if you agree in whole or just part of my writing, what does count is that you consider what the topic is and begin to think about these things i have written about.

Those who have promoted me by posting my name in the headlines of the website and continue to up vote them are to be given the most credit for the popularity that Beware Mouse has become and the new resources now available to me. Commercial quality studios are now located in place near Chicago and could not have been possible if it were not those dedicated to pointing out the stories i have written.

My time has been taken up by the new rules and presentations that i now must be a part of, and some of the fun has been taken away by the dictations of others that are providing these resources, however they have given me free range as concerning topics and news i wish to cover. Deadlines are relaxed at this time for me to train in to the new equipment supplied and otherwise i am having a great time.

Without you followers yelling at the top of your lungs, (Agree or not) This would not be possible..

Thank you vary much for all your support

The rodent

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4 responses to Thank you for all your feed back… KEEP IT COMING

  1. oh PS… we have quite a bit more for you to not reply to and post gibberish in response… i look forward to see your attempts.. but OBM is a little better hiding smoke screens as solid objects then you are… just saying

    • where is the vid? again nothing why? because the still is faked… simple enough… i won thank you…the still does not match the motion footage… that all i needed and you have nothing to show… that is all i needed from you but again thank you for putting up a stink. without that some people would have had doubts to the claim NASA is faking the footage… you have been a great help….

      Carry on

      • so let me get this right.. after proving the stills have been replaced by NASA you have posted more stills that NASA has faked so as to disprove fakes that do not match the motion footage…. eh

        GREAT thank you i thought the arguments you have made nobody can follow and your really on the side of disproving NASAs story… good job

  2. something to read,,, something that cant and wont be stopped,,, some thing 10 times larger then before… NASA has something to hide and has tried but we have found the holes in the story and i am still waiting for the motion footage showing the flap all the way up as depicted in the still taken at the same time… you wish to provide that now? then you can stop my gish gallop as you say with a clip no longer then 45 seconds showing the flap straight up… you loose again..

    but hay thanks for all the attention,,, works great…

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