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Super-Continent Evidence

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December 25, 2012 in Science


Original Article
Super-Continent Evidence:

Stable crust in place by 4.4 (Beginning of Io)

Began 3.6 (Europa) —-Expand—–> Completed 3.1 (Ganymede) —-Condense—–> Broke up 2.5 (Callisto to Titan) Expands

Began 2.7 [Core origin 3.1] (Ganymede to Callisto) —-Condense—–> Broke up 2.48 to 2.1 (Callisto to Titan) Expands

Began 2.1 (Titan) —-Condense—–> Completed 1.8 (Titan to Triton) ——-> Broke up 1.5 (Neptune Triton to Uranus Triton) Expands

Began 2 (Titan) —-Condense—–> Completed 1.1 (Uranus Triton) ——> Broke up 750mya (Triton to Mars) Expands

Began 750mya (Triton to Mars) —-Condense—–> Completed 600mya (Mars) —-Expand—–> Broke up 540mya (Mars to Earth) Expands

—-Condense—–> Completed 300mya (Mars/Earth) —-Expand—–> Broke up 200mya (Earth) —-Sea Floor Spreads—–> Present Earth



The misconception of “super-continents” is based off the assumption there has always been seafloor crust that is constantly being recycled. This false perspective has deterred science away from the truth. These cycles of so called super-continents is nothing more than a representation of global expansion and condensing cycles throughout earths formation.

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