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Sunspot Activity: February 4th, 2013

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February 4, 2013 in Science


C8.4 Solar Flare…       Learn more from SolarHam.com/…

Solar activity increased to near moderate levels with a solar flare registering C8.4 at 06:10 UTC. The source of the flare was Sunspot 1667 located in the northeast quadrant. Keep an eye on this region for further activity… 


Solar Update / CME Update

Solar activity increased to near moderate levels thanks to Sunspot 1667 in the northeast quadrant. There is a chance for C-Class solar flares and perhaps an isolated M-Class event. All other regions are currently stable.

A CME impact is expected by February 3rd due to an early morning filament eruption on January 31. Only minor geomagnetic disturbances are expected at very high latitudes. Click HERE to watch the latest WSA-Enlil Solar Wind Prediction model.  ( At this time 11:00 A.M. EST the Solar Wind Chart is at 400… By clicking on this link -”HERE”- you will get a great read and understanding of this charting system in motion…   Yes, we are the three dots that are in this chart…    o… )

                                    CME Prediction Model – [SWPC]  


For your consideration…  Otter…   04/02/13

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