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Scientists propose two explanations for true polar wander..Equatorial bulge growing apparently quite rapidly..effects of the weakening of Earth’s magnetic field

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November 27, 2012 in Science


http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CaS8puYovrA  11/26/12 radio show coasttocoastam




Planetary scientists propose two explanations for true polar wander


Planetary scientists propose two explanations for true polar wanderModelling palaeomagnetically inferred TPW during the Neoproterozoic. Credit: (c) Nature491, 244–248. doi:10.1038/nature11571(Phys.org)—Researchers using computer simulations and modeling have come up with two possible explanations for the phenomenon known as true polar wandering. The team led by Jessica Creveling of Harvard University, suggest in their paper published in the journal Nature, that dramatic shifts in the Earth’s surface over millions of years, and then a return to the previous state, can be explained by bulging at the equator and elasticity of the planets outer shell.

Scientists have known for many years that there are two kinds of shifting of the Earth’s surface. One is continental drift; the other is true polar wander where all the continents move together due to an out-of-the-ordinary event, such as the melting of a large ice field or the formation of a large volcano. And while researchers have come to understand the processes that can cause large shifts to occur together over a period of time, they have been at a loss to explain how those very same parts mange to eventually move back to where they came from. In this new research, the team suggests it has to do with how the Earth is shaped, and the elasticity of rock in the planet’s mantle.The researchers note that the Earth is not perfectly round – it’s more of a compressed sphere with bulging occurring at the equator. This works to keep the planet stabilized and causes the continents to bounce back slightly if nudged out of their normal . That’s the first explanation for why the topography of the planet is able to bounce back from an unsteadying upheaval. The second, they say is due to the of the mantle itself. When an forces major movement of the mantle and the crust, is stored in the rock in the same way as happens with a when it’s twisted. Once the forces that caused the initial changes subside, the potential energy takes over, pushing the continents back to where they were before the upheaval occurred.The researchers came to these conclusions after studying metal deposits in the ground which are known to line up with the Earth’s magnetic field. Doing so provides clues about the orientation of the planet during different times in history. Using such clues they built computer models and simulations that led to their proposed explanations of true polar wander. They suggest that such movement isn’t about to happen again anytime soon however, as their study found that Earth has rotated just 30 degrees over the past 200 million years.More information: Mechanisms for oscillatory true polar wander, Nature 491, 244–248 (08 November 2012) doi:10.1038/nature11571AbstractPalaeomagnetic studies of Palaeoproterozoic to Cretaceous rocks propose a suite of large and relatively rapid (tens of degrees over 10 to 100 million years) excursions of the rotation pole relative to the surface geography, or true polar wander (TPW). These excursions may be linked in an oscillatory, approximately coaxial succession about the centre of the contemporaneous supercontinent. Within the framework of a standard rotational theory, in which a delayed viscous adjustment of the rotational bulge acts to stabilize the rotation axis, geodynamic models for oscillatory TPW generally appeal to consecutive, opposite loading phases of comparable magnitude. Here we extend a nonlinear rotational stability theory10 to incorporate the stabilizing effect of TPW-induced elastic stresses in the lithosphere. We demonstrate that convectively driven inertia perturbations acting on a nearly prolate, non-hydrostatic Earth with an effective elastic lithospheric thickness of about 10 kilometres yield oscillatory TPW paths consistent with palaeomagnetic inferences. This estimate of elastic thickness can be reduced, even to zero, if the rotation axis is stabilized by long-term excess ellipticity in the plane of the TPW. We speculate that these sources of stabilization, acting on TPW driven by a time-varying mantle flow field, provide a mechanism for linking the distinct, oscillatory TPW events of the past few billion years.Journal reference:Naturesearch and more infowebsite

Equatorial bulge growing…

SATELLITES REVEAL A MYSTERY OF LARGE CHANGE IN EARTH’S GRAVITY FIELD Satellite data since 1998 indicates the bulge in the Earth’s gravity field at the equator is growing, and scientists think that the ocean may hold the answer to the mystery of how the changes in the trend of Earth’s gravity are occurring. Currently, the Earth has a significant upward bulge at the equator, and a downward bulge at the poles. “Observations of the Earth’s gravity field show that some phenomena are counteracting the gravitational effects of PGR. Whereas PGR has been decreasing the bulge in the Earth’s gravity field at the equator, this recent phenomena is causing the bulge to increase,” Cox said. Such changes in the gravity field can be sensed using ultra precise laser tracking of satellites to observe tiny changes in the orbits of those satellites and by tracking changes in the length of day or rotation of the Earth. Scientists believe movements of mass cause this recent change from the high latitudes to the equator. Bulge! Mitch Battros discussed solar flares, climate change, and the Earth’s core and magnetic field. There’s something going on that no one can quite put their finger on, he commented– flares rated as an M1 or M5 seem to have the higher impact of an X flare. “That correlation is transferring to the Earth’s core and that’s what’s causing these earth changing events such as earthquakes and volcanoes, including hurricanes and extreme weather of all types,” he said. During the last two years, a stream of charged particles emitted from the center of the galaxy has been affecting our sun, and in turn the Earth and its core, he added.

He spoke about the effects of the weakening of Earth’s magnetic field– one possible scenario from this would be the extinction of various species, starting with migratory birds. This weakening allows for an increase of charged particles (radiation) from cosmic rays, gamma rays, and CMEs (coronal mass ejections) and solar flares to hit the Earth. However, what we are witnessing are natural cyclical events which our planet has seen many times before, and was observed by ancient peoples, he pointed out. Battros also touched on such topics as glacier activity, supervolcano calderas, and solar filaments. For more, check out the graphic below

Mitch Battros Graphic

Mitch Battros shares a graphic in tandem with the 11/26/12 radio show. He explains the image: “Charged particles heat the Earth’s core; the Earth’s core will compensate by extinguishing heat via mantle plumes. This causes tectonic  plates to shift causing earthquakes and volcanoes, then the process occurs all over again.”


http://www.youtube.com/user/boomdaddy01?feature=results_main   11/26/12 radio show

evidence establishing an almost seamless overlap of ancient text conveyance telling of galactic and solar system cyclical events of which modern science now confirms.


It is not your imagination – there is an increase of earth changing events.  Something has changed with the Sun and Earth – and it is coming from the Milky Way.

Earth’s outer core, lithosphere, and crust. With new spacecrafts and satellites – along with new geological drilling of ocean floors indicates the Earth’s core has overheated and is in process of releasing heat to maintain its ambient temperature.


One reason for this overheating is Earth’s magnetic field weakening allowing an increase of charged particles (radiation) mostly from galactic cosmic rays, gamma rays, and solar rays in the form of CMEs (coronal mass ejections) and solar flares.


What we are witnessing is a natural cyclical event the Earth has seen many times before. Ancient text suggests several of our ancestral tribes knew of these cycles-of-events, and tried their best to convey such wisdom through the language of their time. Some would say they went far beyond their ‘in-time’ ability to communicate, and used symbols, math, and science to tell their story.

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