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February 3, 2013 in Science


Stuff we linked to on Twitter last weekHighly Allochtonous (Weblog) 22:10
Anti-science bills in 6 states — in January aloneThe Panda’s Thumb (Weblog) 19:47
“In Africa” projectDienekes’ Anthropology Blog (Weblog) 19:18
Dream ChaserTom’s Astronomy Blog (Weblog) 19:12
We Are Made of StardustUniverse Today 19:06
Feral neuronsMachines Like Us 18:38
Is There Poop on the Moon?Machines Like Us 18:38
Seymour Laxon obituaryguardian.co.UK 18:12
Tony French obituaryguardian.co.UK 18:12
#Arseniclife reviews: Missing the forest for the treesThe Curious Wavefunction (Weblog) 18:00
Birdbooker Report 257guardian.co.UK 16:04
A requiem for RathiThe Hindu 14:40
Archie Roy obituaryguardian.co.UK 14:05
Good for their ageguardian.co.UK 12:07

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