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Science fiction has nothin’ on 9/11

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September 12, 2012 in Science


This guy called Edward Leedskalnin of Coral Castle fame with a very low income managed to make a machine that could extract electrons out of water, that he then used to extract the electrons out of stone, that made the stone so soft he could cut it with simple hand held tools. Not only did the stones become soft but very much lighter too. Just imagine an organisation that had at their disposal billions of Dollars to develop this technology and build portable machines that were thousands of times stronger and put them inside a building and used the power points in the building; firstly to run the motors that turned the wheel magnets, and used the ;earth connection’ of that socket to drain the extracted electrons from out of the building down this earth line that went into the gorund. By using these very high powered machines inside the building drawing out massive amounts of their electrons out of everything metal, concrete and people near by, within a few minutes the entire building would steadily become weaked and then crumble and fall upon itsself, as the Twin Towers and building 7 did. There must have been quite a few of these machine installed on different levels, possibly connected to the water tanks that was located at different levels (This is what Leedskalnin did, he used water)  to accomplish this magnificent scientific experiment. Don’t you think?
Dr Judy Wood explains…   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZWjktDuIhR8
Listen to the odd effects reported by people and cars being moved by in strange ways, their electrons were being removed. All that electricity in the power plugs connection to the Earth from the towers around this site would come out in odd places like street lamps that would be so powerfully charged up Lightning would come out of them to the nearest metal objects such as cars and buses. With having rubber tyres that injected super charge would cause damage to some parts of the car and not others, but would also be the reason why paper didn’t burn nearby. The people felt strange inside their body because they were being saturated with radiating electicity in the atmosphere.
Everything beneath where the aircraft flew into and entered the building was pulverised by the intact top part of the building. And on the way down it would have also fallen apart. A Weapon of Mass Destruction? Indeed! A massive amount of Thermit was also used in this building. They were not leaving anything to chance were they?
By Roy Savill FB me.

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  1. Excellent getting the story from the source. Thank you for putting an article out there.

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