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Reflective particles sprayed above the Arctic will save the Polar Bears?

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December 14, 2012 in Science


When I read the December 11th 2012 Daily Mail article by Damien Gayle titled, “Could we refreeze the Arctic? Scientists suggest radical solution to global warming.” it had me repeatedly “face palming” in overt disgust at the extent the globalists will stretch to pose as our saviors.

The whole premise of this Geo-engineering program to release reflective particles over the Arctic at high altitude in hopes of toning down the heat radiation of the Sun, is short sighted idiocy based on faulty science at best. It presupposes that our more recent climate (the last 30 years or so) is the normal optimum, when in fact it is but a short below average snippet in the much longer life sustaining solar cycle shown in this graph..

Surface temperatures in the Sargasso Sea, a 2 million square mile region of the Atlantic Ocean, with time resolution
of 50 to 100 years and ending in 1975, as determined by isotope ratios of marine organism remains in sediment at
the bottom of the sea (3). The horizontal line is the average temperature for this 3,000-year period. The Little Ice
Age and Medieval Climate Optimum were naturally occurring, extended intervals of climate departures from the
mean. A value of 0.25 °C, which is the change in Sargasso Sea temperature between 1975 and 2006, has been
added to the 1975 data in order to provide a 2006 temperature value. (GWPP)

In order to grab mega funding for their “we will save the world using your money,” power and control scheme — soliciting tax support from the worlds’ unwitting people — the Globalists are employing a media blitzkrieg as we speak. It comes in the form of “Chicken Little” style programing on the tube, in print, and on the Internet. They propose a “cutesy” emotional, heart tugging tag like this one. “How can we stand by and watch as the population of Polar Bears, sweltering in a “dwindling” melt-water habitat (which covers an area over half the size of the “lower 48 States,” by the way), facing extinction, and not open our wallet to help them.”

They contend that somehow as the ice recedes, these crafty predators will loose their ability to survive. Yet in spite of the decreasing ice pack, Polar bear populations have increased over the last 60 years from 5,000 in 1950 to over 25,000 today. This “pay your carbon tax to the IPCC and they will reflector-ize the North and save the bears” ploy, is laughable, like an old Saturday Night Live comedy skit. Here is some of the Article for your perusal.

This image from Nasa shows the full extent of Arctic ice shrinkage, showing a new record low compared to the
average minimum extent over the past 30 years (in yellow).


In a critical climate indicator showing an ever
warming world, the amount of ice in the Arctic
Ocean shrank to an all time low this summer.

The shocking new figures revealed in September
showed how the ice has halved in size since
the Eighties.

‘We are now in uncharted territory,’ said snow
and ice data centre director Mark Serreze.

‘While we’ve long known that as the planet
warms up, changes would be seen first and be
most pronounced in the Arctic, few of us were
prepared for how rapidly the changes would
actually occur.’

The ice cap at the North Pole measured
1.32million square miles, according to the new
data released in September.

Scientists say this is 18 per cent smaller than
the previous record of 1.61million square miles
set in 2007, according to the National Snow and
Ice Data Centre in Boulder, Colorado.

Records go back to 1979 based on satellite
tracking. — Read more: www.dailymail.co.uk/

It is interesting when you read the 30 year satellite assessment and look at the NASA photo taken at the end of the Northern Hemisphere summer when ice pack is naturally at its’ smallest; you will notice the long waterway that is opening up between North America and the arctic above Canada, (more on this in a minute). This waterway, believe it or not, is a sure fire sign that we are “indeed” finally emerging from “The Little Ice Age” — on the upward track toward the Earths’ normal 22.8 degrees C., 3000 year Ocean temperature average.

As a result of this warming contrary to the opinions of the nay-sayers, all Arctic life will begin to blossom including their food sources as this natural ocean warming cycle progresses. The nay-saying scientists would have us believe that the bears are such specialized creatures that they thrive only because of the ice itself, when in fact, they thrive on the seals, fish, and Beluga whales that live in the arctic ocean. They eat land animals when they visit the mainland as well.

Polar bears are omnivorous carnivores and marathon swimmers, treading as much as 200 miles of water at a time on their hunts and have adapted quite well to the Arctic extremes. With that said… back to The Little Ice Age.

The Little Ice Age began about 1050AD after the peak of the Medieval Climate Optimum. Ocean temperatures dropped quickly from 24.3 degrees to 22.8 in 3 decades. Leveling off for about 50 years before dropping another .75 degrees as solar activity steadily cooled for the next 300 years. In 1420 the sun flared again causing a 1 degree jump in just over 30 years before sharply plummeting again the for 2 1/2 centuries to the coldest point in 1500 years from 1650 to 1750AD. During this time the ocean temperatures hovered around 21.7 deg. C.

For the last 300 years, we’ve been on the long slow climb back to the mean average along a predictable time/temperature slope. The Ocean Surface Temperature today is just below the 3000 year 22.8 degree C. average. It will rise above this mean soon on it’s way to a peak once again about AD 2700 to 2800.

Prior to the last 1000 years of below average ocean temperatures, as noted in historical records and confirmed by ice cores and other indicators, there was a long above average warm period that lasted for about 15 centuries. The northern ice pack during that time was  much less than it is today. The record also indicates that the Sahara Desert was much smaller, wetter, and a lot greener around the edges during that period spurred on by higher CO2 levels, no doubt.

The ancient seafaring Phoenicians and the early Norse long-boatmen recount tales of sailing the Atlantic across the top of the world to Asia, a north-west route past the Pillars of Hercules (Gibraltar), around Greenland above the top of North America descending through the Bering Straits into the Pacific and the east coast of China. These tales were all the rage in 1450, newly alive from 500 years before with many from as early as 500 BC. These yarns spurred the search for the legendary “Northwest Passage” by European explorers in the late 15th century.

But, alas, this fabled short-cut to Asia was closed by this time. The long cycle Solar minimum was rapidly cooling the planet. The Little Ice Age, iced over the “Top of the World” by 1540. Today, we are seeing the natural long cycle warming gradually reopen the route as ocean temperatures steadily rise. We can expect to see Earths’ ocean surface temperatures as high as 25 Degrees C. over the next 700 years. We shouldn’t be alarmed at this since the same temperatures were experienced by the Phoenician, the Greeks, and the Egyptians in 500 BC.

The subject of the Daily Mail article and others like it, are a ruse, a short term obfuscation to divert our eyes and attention from the most important environmental problem we all face today. It is not climate change, nor melting icecaps, not meteor impacts, or sea level rising. The most potent danger the Earth faces NOW, is unrestricted, government protected, INTENTIONAL environmental pollution by large international corporate conglomerates and government itself under the guise of Carbon Trading, Weather Engineering, Genetic Modification, Monopoly Nuclear Proliferation, and Geo-engineering — all hyped by the media, as the globalists’ concern and methods to save the world — from what, I ask.

Unfortunately the virulently effective environmental movement of old, is gone now. It has been gelded, hoodwinked, bribed, and co-opted, by the very international-corporate and state interests mentioned. “Hook, line, and sinker,” the environmentalists have swallowed the technocratic lies foisted by the IPCC, and its’ supporting political and corporate cadre of psychopathic power mongers. They’ve even embraced the arbitrary Globalist restrictions and godlike control over the life giving atmospheric gas, CO2.

All of this is based on the false idea that a rise in carbon dioxide drives global temperature, when in fact, the exact opposite is what occurs. A CO2 rise lags by an average of 400 years behind a temperature rise. CO2 as the cause of so called global warming and cooling is a tail-waging-the-dog fallacy. The graph below shows the source of ocean warming and cooling is a function of Solar irradiance, not the CO2 up-tick that results later.

Arctic surface air temperature compared with total solar irradiance as measured by sunspot cycle
amplitude, sunspot cycle length, solar equatorial rotation rate, fraction of penumbral spots, and
decay rate of the 11-year sunspot cycle (8,9). Solar irradiance correlates well with Arctic temperature,
while hydrocarbon use (7) does not correlate. (GWPP)

With international agreements like NAFTA, GATT the WTO, SPP-NAU,  CAFTA, with CIFTA in waiting, the Globalists are consolidating the planet… can LIQUIDATION be far behind? They have legislated, regulated, and taxed America’s manufacturing capability to the point where companies are wildly fleeing offshore to Mexico, to China, and elsewhere. Was this the intent of the environmental movement in the beginning… I think not.

The constraints and improvements that environmentalists lobbied for and saw made into law in America in the 70′s, 80′s, were programs designed to update and modernize manufacturing, energy generation, and refining processes, with special attention to converting pollutant byproducts into inert and safe re-usable substances. There were generous tax incentives and other deductions for companies that took the challenge. Then, about 1988-’89 something ominous began growing in America…Political Authoritarianism!

By bait and switch, the system began overtaxing, bankrupting then consolidating the leftovers from destroyed small companies for pennies on the dollar… like a cancer, it devoured small American business and destroying the dollar in its’ wake. Our hard fought efforts at pushing advances in pollution control and environmental friendly technology, had been side tracked and highjacked by political stealth.  Leveraged buy-outs assisted by government regulators and corporate hit squads set everything  back decades or more.

The offshore international corporate/banking cartel, through their puppets in American politics, using “Free-Trade Shenanigans,” taxes, and regulations, forced our companies to flee. Some by actual force, witness what happened to the Gibson Guitar Company. The Globalists are busying themselves today diverting our attention with phoney-feel-good environmental slight-of-hand programs like this polar bear ploy, selling it to the public in the media, ad nauseum.

All the while, wholesale, unrestricted, pollution spewing, industry continues unabated through carbon credit fraud off shore. With corporate prison complex slave labor feeding these eugenics factories, Soylent Green will soon be a money making reality allowing these rogue international corporations complete license to pollute and exterminate at will, since our hard won American standards don’t apply in the “third world!” By unconstitutional restrictions, government has gutting our ability to effectively compete in the world market, not even if we were to re-institute complete SLAVERY!

The International Corporate state is enacting fraudulent Nation Destroying Global Laws everywhere as we squabble over “environmental fantasies” — we must not loose our focus. If we allow it, the UN and it’s tyrannical charter, enforced by it’s global force NATO, will over-ride Constitutional power in all cases whatsoever and they will arbitrarily announce, “CO2 is a poison to the environment and must be taxed;” and “Humanity is a disease on the Earth and must be eradicated.” This is judgment / execution by edict, no burden of proof required. This is pure imperial-dictatorial poppy-cock, yet it is closer than you think!

My God people, the government puts sodium-fluoro-silicate / sodium-hexafluoride and hydrofluorosilic-acid, among other dastardly things in your drinking water at a rate of 2.5 to 4.0 ppm, and 1000 times that level in your tooth paste. This stuff is a confirmed as a cumulative, and deadly poison, a class 6 Haz-Mat toxin… and folks say, “Oh, well?

CO2 on the other hand, is neither cumulative nor is it poison. It’s a miniscule greenhouse gas, even at the highest levels it naturally occurs. Plants rely on it for their very existence. But, because of media hype coupled with ignorance, folks became anti-CO2, “Inconvenient Truth” mobs, zombies for sure who without proof or logical reason exploded in rage against CO2. Heck, why not go after the “Big Daddy” of all greenhouse gases — at a whopping 70+%, over 700,000 parts per million — it’s called di-hydrogen-monoxide gas! We should pay Al Gore to go before congress and promote laws to ban it world wide, right NOW! (sic)… (that’s water vapor, by the way…) In any case, with this growing “solar powered” food supply, the polar bears aren’t worried at all.

We have plenty of fronts in this fight. Once everyone identifies the real enemy, and can see through the Globalists’ red herrings and obfuscations and get active, we win. Yet we can’t rebuild our free market structure until we’ve identified each piece and tentacle of the surly beast; chip by chip, together, locally, nationally, and world wide, we can dismantle this International Corporate Slave State monster and its’ demon agenda. We best get cracking, ASAP.


“Do not separate text from historical background.
If you do, you will have perverted and subverted
the Constitution, which can only end in a distorted,
bastardized form of illegitimate government.”
~James Madison

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