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Questionable Theory

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November 7, 2015 in Science


Does Einstein’s E=mc2 equate to the speed of light or could it possibly be the point of hyper-speed travel or something to that effect? Science is made by questioning, never forget that. It might not always be spot on but this is how mankind eventually makes great developments.

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2 responses to Questionable Theory

  1. To all the silent haters out there voting this down without having any productive remarks: Y’all should know that the supposed speed of light barrier has already been surpassed publicly in multiple experiments but scientific and spiritual ignorance runs rampant in this nation and around the world. It’s no wonder tyrants get in control when people are confined/imprisoned within their little boxes that they call security.

  2. Certainly if a theory that’s relied upon gets based upon a false premise than we’ll get no where in that regard as a people.

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