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Question NASA Yuri Krasilnikov, Eric Jones and photoshopped NASA images

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November 7, 2012 in Science


AwE130 is concerned about the historical values of the ALSJ. After we had informed the ALSJ of photoshopped material without proper information in the caption of the image the ALSJ editors called AwE130 hoaxers and did not want to work together with us anymore? Despite we have always stated to them that we do not support the CT side nor the pro Apollo side. We are representing the people that have some doubt about the Apollo moon landings. This doubt could come from wrong information in the ALSJ as we have showed them. We are investigating the historical values of the ASLJ and if they are willing to correct errors and mistakes. We released this video to show that the altered material, the ALSJ is using, is for any real historian a absolute no no without proper information. We also start to think that if the Apollo moon landings did happen, that it could be the historical incorrectness of the ALSJ that could be the reason why many people have doubts about the Photo material. When a historical archive photoshops image without informing the reader it is a big concern to any historian. We have found many more photoshopped images without any information at all. Caption with image reads: High resolution version with anaglyphs in context ( 10 Mb ) by Yuri Krasilnikov and Eric Jones.


Information Eric jones (Editor ALSJ):


Information Yuri Krasilnikov:


If they really are concerned about the historical values they would join the whisper and start to correct this information.



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