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Origin of Intelligence

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December 3, 2012 in Science


Scientists have discovered for the first time how humans – and other mammals – have evolved to have intelligence.

Researchers have identified the moment in history when the genes that enabled us to think and reason evolved.

This point 500 million years ago provided our ability to learn complex skills, analyse situations and have flexibility in the way in which we think.

Professor Seth Grant, of the University of Edinburgh, who led the research, said: “One of the greatest scientific problems is to explain how intelligence and complex behaviours arose during evolution.”

Read more at: http://medicalxpress.com

Why 500 million years ago?
*Because that’s when proto-earth #7 evolved into Earth

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8 responses to Origin of Intelligence

  1. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6oCGSvwi6ck

    links to three of my videos, others are relevant too. even these primitive creatures have a mind map and memory of their environment. awareness of light and the vision of the ten dimensions go back to LET THERE BE LIGHT

    • KNOWLEDGE is not the same as what people consider intelligence. Other animals can have knowledge, true, but where that intersects with human intelligence is debatable.

      Don’t know about the 10 dimension vision, but I’ve read about the 10-11 dimensions stuff in metaphysics, string theory books, and there are different ways to interpret it.

      1st 3 dimensions are literally the mathematical ones: first d is a point, second d a line, 3rd dimension a cube hence 3D. Science used to consider time the 4th dimension, but Einstein showed that time doesn’t technically exist as its relative to space…

      Yet we don’t live or experience rigid 3 dimensions, change is a constant in the universe. So we don’t live in mere 3D, it’s more like 3.14D. πD. These are the dimensions we may consider and study, the other 6 or so dimensions do not “exist” but rather operate as a kind of canvas or foundation for our πD dimension. When the universe as we know it is done and comes full circle a new cycle begins, another big bang, but perhaps with a different set of dimensions being emphasized, like a 6D or maybe 3.15D with different physics.

      But I don’t claim my odd worldview as being objectively correct, I’m as skeptical as anyone of it.

  2. An invertebrate developed extra brain genes…

    I don’t think our intelligence really applies to fish, amphibians and everything else that has evolved since the invertebrate.

    There was no mention of proto earth.

    • According to evolution/science it does since the first land creatures came out of the ocean. Of course it does not mention proto-earths because I independently made that discovery earlier this year. Nobody prominent will help me spread the word because I’m in my early 20s and do not have any degrees.

      • Traditional education could really help out your skepticism and rationale, logan. Critical thinking is important in these matters.

        I have a couple degrees but don’t expect anyone to take me any more seriously based on that, it’s the content and context that matters. You seem educated to me btw, just biased towards strange Christian notions. With skepticism and critical thought you can remove this bias, while still remaining faithful and heaven-bound (if that’s your concern).

        Not asking you to renounce your faith, just to not subscribe to any so-called science when it fits your odd worldview.

        My skepticism for this talk of genetic intelligence is due to what I’ve studied about intelligence because it’s one of those strange subjective concepts that scientists do not wholly agree upon.

        I’d think that IF intelligence exists(I’ve yet to see proof other than it’s a fallible human concept, just like gods) then it wouldn’t be due to genes(intelligence is always attributed to nurture not nature), we cannot sequence 500 million year old DNA, and further, that even if we could we still wouldn’t know exactly how similar cross-species genes affect different species or individuals.

        To be scientific is to be humbled at how little is known… it is a best guess.

        These analysis do not fit with the best guess so far.

        • Thanks for your input. I feel simplistic life-forms may have gained such an ability 500 million year ago because that’s when our planet could have entered the “habitable zone” or possibly when the magnetic field switched back on. It’s hard to take my focus off my findings or be skeptic of God because I clearly remember how I achieved my discovery.. I will never forsake Him as tho science is more important than spreading His Word or Will. I understand what you’re saying, there are a multitude of factors involved in the development of intelligence. It would be wrong to assume genes as the sole origin.

  3. Dinosaurs became extinct 360 million years ago, but before that is when humans evolved…

    And I doubt you “believe” in evolution…

    And this isn’t science.

    • No, what it meant was the genes necessary for “our ability to learn complex skills, analyse situations and have flexibility in the way in which we think” first developed 500 million years ago. I believe in evolution to an extent because of evidence, I don’t think it’s unreasonable for God to create in such a way.

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