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November 16, 2015 in Science


What has to be done is every frame that NASA has taken needs to be properly reviewed. Too much information and deception has gone on for way to long. We do not require NASA to give us the opinion that we have, just look at what they have released and we can find what it is they are really trying to hide.

It depends on what you are looking for as to what path to follow. Do you wish to have criminal charges placed against those who have withheld data that was gathered with public funds? Or do you want the truth and you dont care about accountability? Me i would just have the truth.

I might suggest comparing these photos to the footage from star wars and see how this compares as to known false footage as the 2 were just a few years apart in production. All you need to pull off a world wide wonder is a large enough budget when it comes to filmed events.

Do you believe NASA saves us from the Death Star? Or that they have released and fully disclosed of the program they received money to do. Either way they have been proven to be liars. And they are good at it..

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  1. you prove it… you wanted just one… i cant find one i could not have used… flap or not… you lost big time and continue to make me popular… from a recent letter i was told i am one of the most popular writers on planet.infowars. if it was not for you guys pointing me out i could have never dreamed it thanks again

    • i dont claim a UFO…. where did i claim that… thats silly…. it is a IFO this happened 40 years ago and it would not be unidentified any longer unless you want to call NASA incompetent

    • but hay you can claim it is a time rift and this is a different apollo mission… what is crazy is ignoring the evidence… by the way reflections dont cast a shadow… sorry man but your way out there away from the truth… continue thou by all means.. by presenting all the silly explanations people can rule them out quickly for them selves rather then wonder what it might be

      oh hay have you found that flap sitting straight up yet? still waiting for the motion footage to verify it… thx again L8er

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