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November 13, 2015 in Science


One of these are not like the other, no collage degree required

This is a perfect example as how the evidence is lost and misrepresented so as to get the sheeple to go along with an outright lie.

At the beginning of this vid shows a still of the astronaut jumping and giving a salute to those he had supportable left behind on Earth… The video goes on to describe in great detail the timing of the jump and how high he jumped and gives the viewer a great deal to consider as to gravity and dust etc.

The one thing that is the most telling that this photo is indeed faked is how squared away the astronaut is concerning the equipment and buttons on his flaps…

Let me pull you attention to the flap on his backpack is sticking straight up!

Here anouther one that tries desperatly to draw your attention to his feet but this time you can see clearly the flap is secured and straightened away… The 2 differant photos could not have been taken at the same time

How ever the footage of him jumping while in motion and your attention is drawn to his feet is nicely snapped in place… The footage from the motion camera is taken at the same moment that the still is taken from the front.

You can see this flag as it should be secured in this photo..


Even on Earth this flap being exactly where it is suppose to be. But for what ever reason this does not seem to be important when this still was taken.

2 different results in the photos and no explanation as to why the 2 photos does not show the same evidence. The only explanation is that this was 2 separate events and not 1 as NASA has claimed.

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  1. The video: Lunar Jump Height Calculation
    It start with the assumption that the astronaut did touch the flag with his elbow. The problem is that the ALSJ is not supporting this theory. This guy knows that the ALSJ on the NASA website is not supporting his fantasies, otherwise he would had pointed at is. He debunks himself even before his video starts.

  2. well yes can you show me in the vid where the flap is standing straight up? that is all i need… that is proof i would have mixed the 2 stills rather then wonder why the flap is not standing straight up.. just give me the vid it is and it shuts me down and i will have some feathers to deal with

    • yes i can find this in the still… can you show me in the motion footage of the same event where it is sticking straight up… it ends this right there no further need to get cramps while typing

    • something i have waited to point out… please notice that there are no less then 3 snaps on this flap.. 1 i can see being pulled loose 2 again depending on how hard but all 3 being unsecured is a bit much not to be noticed more then what we are discussing

  3. in addition since we are having a vary constructive conversation dont you think this should get up votes so as to point out how badly i can get ripped up if your not posting your replies in a separate story?

    • well neither do others it seems but they down voted this and we are getting someplace for the first time ever… odd i would think they would wish to point out how badly you beat me in a debate… oh well … have you been able to get to a real computer yet? like to see the right order of photos rather then the confusion you claim i have

  4. I realize you narrated this but excuse my ignorance here… what restraining cable… is this part of the suit.. how was this used in microgravity as i would think such a thing would be need in heavy gravity

    John walks into view and waves his right arm in and out at shoulder level to position the restraining cable so that he can salute

    i really hope you haven’t opened the door to talk about wires again…. i am trying to find things more easy to point to and less allusive to prove right now

  5. im reposting comment this to make it easier to follow… There is a lot of links down there and difficult to follow.. your claim is simple. one of them the flap is loose and during the jump stood straight up. the other it is fashioned and remains down… please post the movie footage showing the flap flying upward till it is pointing straight up… that does not require so much typing and explanation… simple…

    you can make this your own story and post it separate to show i did not delete the true rebuttal to my claim…

    Thx rabbit… by the way i think that is more polite then rabid or something.. i just haven’t heard of that before… so it is not intended to be an insult but i have used it as a smart alec remark yes… big difference

  6. that means you take the precaution so as i dont delete your reply to create a plausible story of your own by the way… i dont wish to be accused again when i have not done so deliberately… all the others i have openly admitted to

    • ok i will the name calling i am refering to is “stupid”, “Moron” etc. rodent i have no problem with really … call a rose by any other name…

      do you realize i asked you to make your own story? you could have all this easy to access and easy to referance.. you did a lot of typing from your phone… but this is not well prepared as i really dont have the time to follow all the left and right turns the links then comparing them to your comment would create… i do not wish to and wont delete the current comments… but i have made my argument easy to determine and understand… i do see a small amount of movement in the flap and i concede to that point but not sticking straight up… please note the feet are on the ground and the momentum should have closed the flap rather then it remain open… in either event it still does not match the stills taken at the same time.. so i must be missing part of your presentation and that does not help me or the readers following this… it just dont match… a simple compare is all it takes… so can you please just post the vid showing the flap and the frame that would show the flap sticking straight up.. that is all that is required to end this and for you to be proven right… just one of the vids showing the movement of the flap and the minutes and seconds in to the vid thx

    • lets stick to the topic please.. your doing good lets not spoil it by trying to discredit the person rather then the theory.

      im referring to this


    • look here is a heads up for you… i dont have this fixation with NASA but when i seen him tore up due to questions and nothing being offered as a genuine rebuttal i stepped in… whatever reason you hate him does not affect how you should treat me… i have asked a simple response from you all and i have failed to get it too many times… i would think to present these things without the hate filled speech tainting your arguments would be welcome

    • i have had overwhelming down votes on most of my stories and they still have made the front page… if not directly, then but reference due to objectors stories being up voted pointing directly to my story each time… i just thought you may wish to have this debate up front without such references… im use to it, and that has nothing to do with bias

    • i have had overwhelming down votes on most of my stories and they still have made the front page…
      Um, it matters not one whit how many up or down votes you get. Posts here are in chronological order regardless of any votes. Had you not noticed that, BM?

  7. That is fantastic news thank you… can you please provide the transcript of communication as well as the stills and the motion footage as to what still was taken when so this confusion can be cleared up?
    Thank you for a suitable reply

    I may have to change my mind in a big way if you can provide these things for me… you have changed my attitude toward you with these comments already…

    Keep it up and i may have to show pics of me with a mouth full of features as i eat crow… nothing would make me happier

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