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My Thoughts on the Universe and Life.

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July 11, 2012 in Science


The expansive universe is truly amazing and wonderful. As I was looking through some photos of the cosmos, and looking up at the sky at night, I found my self with awe, I had been reminded that we are just one solar system in the Milky Way that is home to hundreds of billions of systems and that there are hundreds of billions of galaxies. There is more stars in the universe than every grain of sand on every beach and every desert on Earth, and I think about this, If we are just one of so many how many other stars have planets like our own and how many have life capable of understanding the stars and science and culture. How many civilizations are there and could they be facing what we are facing? Could they be looking out with telescopes and hoping to find a suitable planet for life? I believe as many others do that beings from other worlds have visited us, and that they were active in our early history. But where are they know? What happened, did they die or have they just gone secret and collaborating with certain people on Earth?

I believe there is something on Mars and that we need to go there and explore the area around the “Face of Mars” where it looks to be pyramids and the features are all mathematically aligned in complex angles and shapes. These are the main reasons why I am choosing to become a doctor in Astrophysics and to become and engineer. I want the human race to explore the heavens and found colonies on new worlds together in peace. I want to be at the forefront of it and I want to see in my life time humans go to Mars.

We are facing an uphill battle everyday against tyranny and the globalist that want to destroy all that is good with humans and then destroy all of us. So long as there are good men and women willing to fight and die for what is right then we will always win. For the Earth and the inhabitants of it to survive we must embrace the light and battle the dark till our Earthly vessels are gone and our life energy, our conciseness, our souls are one with the heavens, with the stars and the universe.

We are all made from stardust that collected after a massive star exploded and formed the Earth, that developed life, and gave us the beauty of humans with culture, art, and love. We are made up of the most common thing in the universe and that is hydrogen, next is oxygen, then carbon. As we take a breath of air we are breathing in a very small percent of gas called argon, argon is chemically inert which means it does not change when we breath it as oxygen does, which means we are breathing the same exact air as all the living things that ever came before us. We are connected through time by the simple elements that make up our universe. We are nothing more than what everything else is and that is truly wonderful. We are part of the universe and when we part from this planet and our bodies decompose in the ground, the energy in our body is given back to the Earth and flora and fauna will use it to grow as we used them to grow, and for billions of years this will continue till our star dies and the process is started all over again. With something truly as amazing as the universe is there is more to ourselves and more than ourselves. We are losing that, we are losing our humanity and faith, and most of us have lost that feeling that we are all part of universe that is part of us.

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