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Curiosity Detected Signs of Life on Mars

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November 22, 2012 in Science


Has ‘Curiosity’ Observed Signs of Life? NASA Prepares to Release a Big Mars Discovery

“NASA’s John Grotzinger, principal investigator for the rover mission, announced in an interview with NPR the Mars’ Curiosity rover has made a discovery that “is gonna be one for the history books. This data is … looking really good,” he said. Grotzinger told NPR it would be several weeks before NASA would release its discovery. What we do know is that the discovery was made by SAM, the Sample Analysis at Mars suite of three instruments. The Curiosity chemistry set is equipped to look for compounds of carbon, such as methane, as well as hydrogen, oxygen and nitrogen. These would suggest at least the possibility that life could have once existed there.”


Will Curosity find evidence of simplistic life forms as predicted by the 7proto-earth cycle?

Update:NASA and Establishment Ridiculing Thought of Life Outside Earth

Evidence Reveals Probable Ocean Beneath Mars“Where There is Water There is Life,” NASA Says

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2 responses to Curiosity Detected Signs of Life on Mars

  1. I’m betting on methane, but hoping for more.

    • Yeah you’re probably right… Then they might end up arguing for a while to determine if that methane is of either geological or biological origin. Yet I guarantee it’s most certainly of both origins. Eventually they will find microbes that are precursors to the more advanced life here on Earth. They will spin it to make it seem like Mars seeded life on Earth but the truth is Mars is only millions of years away from becoming its own Earth and undergoing its own genesis.

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