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Learn The Various Topics Of B.Pharma At The Best University in UP

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November 18, 2017 in Science


The B.Pharma course in Uttar Pradesh is the perfect bachelor degree course for you if you love to study the various kinds of drugs and medicines. The four-year program was created as a sub-genre of the MBBS program. You will be called a pharmacist after completing this program. A special committee known as the Pharmacy Council of India (PCI) governs and manages the syllabus. Every institute offering the bachelor or the master programs needs to get approval from the PCI board before starting their programs.

The program doesn’t get the right kind time treatment it deserves. It often gets ignored in the presence of its higher sibling, the MBBS program. The lack of knowledge about its future prospects also makes many people skip the course entirely. The undergraduate program is a nicely created program covering a lot of topics related to research and development of various medicines.

The best B Pharma university in UP will teach you the following topics:

  • Pharmaceutical Inorganic Chemistry
    Pharmaceutical Biology
    Environmental Studies
    Physical Pharmaceutics
    Pharmaceutical Technology
    Pharmaceutical Engineering
    Pharmaceutical Biotechnology
    Pharmaceutical Management
    Clinical Pharmacy

The four-year undergraduate program will equip with immense knowledge about the research, formation, design and effect of various drugs on the human body. Many people think in a negative way about the job prospects of this program. There was a time when Pharmacy graduates had to struggle their way out to stable career. However, the situation has improved greatly.

Multiple avenues have opened up for the Pharmacy graduates. Currently, you will easily start your career in the following fields:

  1. Quality Control
    Clinical Research
    Sales & Marketing
    Regulatory Manager
    Medical Transcription
    Drug Inspector
    Hospital Drug Coordinator

The fresh graduates get decent salaries. Your salary will depend on the type of company and your location. It’s a research-oriented field. You can go for the Master program after your graduation to get better knowledge and a better job. You can also open up your own clinic after the postgraduate program. Many youngsters prefer to get some experience by working somewhere and then launch their own clinic.

The students from the PCB are eligible for the undergraduate program. Many premier universities and colleges in India conduct entrance exams for shortlisting the students into this program. Nonetheless, you can also find other educational institutes that don’t have such criteria for admission. Any institute offering this program should have a good infrastructure. The undergraduate or the postgraduate program cannot be learned without adequate infrastructure and facilities.

The B.Pharma course in Uttar Pradesh has evolved over the years. It is a research-oriented program that offers plenty of career choice after graduation. The lack of interest can work in your favor during admission. Hence, apply for the undergraduate program for a fantastic career.

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