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Laser guided Electricity weapons

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July 12, 2012 in Science



A couple of years ago i had the exact same idea, i used to devellop weapons as a hobby and this was one of them.
Now i suddenly see it on the alex jones show and it feels like they stole my idea, although anyone could have though of this one.

However i think i know where trhis comes from since i came to this idea thanks to a powergrid security measure.
This is a system of lasers wich are pointed into the sky with part of the electricity cables in the path of the laser, so that when lightning strikes, it will follow the path of the laser and then strikes into the cables instead of the parts where such a strike would cause severe damage.

So yes this triggered my creativity and i designed a weapon basically just like the one in this link, however my version was a hand held portable type and used to stun instead of blow up a target.

A measure for your car would be to install something wich guides electricity away from your car, or at least negating it`s contact with the beam, so you can counter this.
i`m also aware of electricity or static field redirection.
This means that each weapon with electricity has a static field, thus the origin of such a weapon can easily be verified and if you are a bit creative then you could redirect the static field, or a laser mirroring surface so the initial laser doesn`t hit your car as an end point.

But i`m not entirely sure on it`s mechanics, but if there are any scientific able people who could help devise a counter strategy for weapons like this then i think we can decrease the danger lvl at least against this one.



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4 responses to Laser guided Electricity weapons

  1. I’ve seen this idea some time ago. It works by ionizing the air with the laser to create an easier path for the electricity. Lightning works the same way, it first creates an ionized path to the earth but you can’t see that, you only see the lighting. It’s basically a high tech version of the harpoon attached to an electrified cable that I’ve seen on some tv show (probably on Discovery Channel). I wonder how much energy it takes to blow up a car that way and what the range is, i think there are much easier ways to destroy a car and it’s occupants. :)
    If it’s only to incapacitate a car by blowing the electronics then you can just drive and old diesel powered car with mechanical fuel-pump to keep on truckin’.

  2. They were doing this with rockets like 10 years ago. They used a rocket with a tether to attract lightning. They do not need lasers to guide the lighting it simply strikes the tallest grounded object. Having a negative charge doesn’t hurt.

  3. That might work, i do know that most older cars had this strip hanging from the back to guide electricity into the ground rather then trough the car, so perhaps an adaptation or reinvention of it, might do the trick relatively cost efficient.

    Thanks for jogging my memmory:P

    Ah yes, or electricity absorbing material?
    If you really get creative i guess you could devise a knockback system, basically a system wich shoots back what is being shot at it.
    All the power it needs is the power that is being fired upon you by such a weapon.

  4. I expect the only chance you’d have is by putting a shit load of conductive material on the outside of whatever it is your driving. Think camonetting over a tank dragging along the ground made from three inch copper. Pretty scary stuff.

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