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John Lear Says All Planets in Solar System Have Life

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September 21, 2013 in Science


UFO researcher John Lear stated in his interview on Project Camelot that every planet in the Solar System has life on it. He claims that every planet has its own filtering system which enables life to exist. He said, “The only gas giant in the Solar System is NASA.” Although he did not specify if this life exists in other dimensions of consciousness, and chances are that is where the life on other planets can be found.

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  1. One of the best all time Coast to Coast AM interviews I’ve heard from a December 2006 edition featuring Dr. Robert Duncan, and a military strategy he talked about (that other folks use, not him) was called “chasing the white rabbit”… Essentially, this is a disinformation campaign that is designed to ‘lead the enemy’ as far as possible down fruitless paths…

    Now, when you start to engage the the subject of UFO’s and Aliens, it (can) tend to lead into answering the biggest puzzles of our entire species — spanning across any civilization, country, religion or race… Questions like: Who are we? Where did we come from? And where are we going? These questions are (essentially) on LOCKDOWN right now, and although there is probably legitimate fruit in the UFO/Alien field of research — Dr. Duncan said that areas of which seem to be going through the process of INTENTIONALLY being confused are what leads you should pursue…

    All thoughout the UFO field there are contradictions, so there is fruit being hidden… But where and why? These are questions that (I believe) could be pretty dangerous to try and answer with anything legitimate and provable… Basically what I’m getting at is whether Leer is right or wrong is a TOTAL tossup without YOUR OWN personal ability to fly to these planets and verify for yourself — or some other way of legitimate verification… That means that you are having (someone else) relay to you information that I’d recommend being skeptical… Perhaps one day our entire species may have access to far greater technology and information so we are able to (personally) verify the answers to questions, both great and small, that not only help us — but that we have also been asking for our entire history…

    Take the entire heavens, for example… How do you even know those things in the sky are even physical objects? Because somebody else told you, like NASA? It’s funny because former NASA rocket scientist, the late Dr. Fred Bell (God rest his soul) once called the ‘Never A Straight Answer’ — and how do you know they aren’t basically network of sorcerers with the job of relaying to the public a false version of reality? I’m not saying they are, but have you ever physically TOUCHED the moon? Then how do you know that it’s not simply a projection coming from somewhere here on earth?

    The direct answer to this question is that you do not…

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