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Jesse and Tyrell Ventura, YOU DUN GOOFED!

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December 1, 2012 in Science


It’s been ten days since the Time Travel episode of Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura and I still have a bad taste in my mouth over how Jesse and Tyrell screwed up in the scene where the guy tries to explain the time travel device. He tells them that the machine could disrupt the chakra mechanism of the room and Jesse says, “Oh sure, disrupt the chakra” in a sarcastic tone of voice. He and Tyrell then walk out of the room when the man says the machine works on the idea that space and time are actually illusions and the machine can overpower this illusion. Jesse and Tyrell, YOU DUN GOOFED!
First off, there is more than enough evidence in the world of quantum physics to show that we are infinite consciousness and the body is just a telescope thru which we perceive reality in a suppressed level of consciousness. It is suppressed because being stuck in a body limits us to five senses, and also cuz the power elites work to great lengths to keep our consciousness low. Keeping mainstream science from explaining the science of consciousness is one way the power elites do this, and David Icke explained in his recent 10 hour talk “Remember Who You Are” that the planet Saturn and the moon also play huge roles in suppressing our consciousness.
And second, the idea of chakras has existed in ancient cultures for centuries, and we have more than sufficient technology to see that the places in the body where the 7 chakras are truly do contain vortices of energy. Further, the Mandelbrot Set is a form of fractal geometry that shows that everything in the universe is just a smaller part of a whole, so chakras don’t just exist in the body, they exist everywhere. So for Jesse and Tyrell to reject the idea of chakras and then leave the room when the guy said space and time are illusions was a terrible mistake. They probably would’ve learned a lot more if they actually listened to the time travel expert when he tried to explain this.
Jesse and Tyrell, YOU DUN GOOFED!

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  1. I agree but then again most people do not understand how there own vessels work remember nothing is solid all we really are is a bunch of floating particles making noise

  2. Well, this all goes over my head as well, but thanks for attempting to explain it~

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