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Is This Atmospheric Phenomena Caused by a Solar Coronal Mass Ejection or HAARP?

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February 8, 2013 in Science



That would be a photo of a day light aurora, which it does not seem to have the classic structure…  ( Yes?…) 

So the Ionosphere is a plasma atmosphere… The clouds in the Gorceix Photograph are most certainly not up in the ionosphere, even the highest clouds do not reach that far. So how is it that the clouds in this photograph, appear to show a plasma reaction? …    There is a possible answer from The University of Texas at Dallas…

Who funds HAARP? ( The NWO And I have a bridge to sell you… o…)

HAARP is funded by the US Air Force, the US Navy, the University of Alaska, & the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency… (DARPA) ! ( BAD! BAD! BAD!… o…)

What is HAARPS Purpose? ( Music ? …   o…)

Started in 1993, the project is proposed to last for a period of twenty years. The system was designed and built by Advanced Power Technologies (APTI) and since 2003, by BAE Advanced Technologies… 
Its purpose is to investigate the ionosphere and establish whether some of its properties can be used for communication or surveillance purposes.

Current Status and Concerns: ( Oh, It is just for “Communication”… (?) Or Maybe Some Surveillance? Certainly not for Weather Wars? … o… )

There are questions and concerns from the public through out the USA as well as governments through out the world that HAARP is has been creating what is known as an “integral geophysical weapon” that may have a negative effect/influence on the near Earth medium with high frequency radio waves. In other words, it is possible that HAARP Technology is the latest in weaponry that affects all of humanity via augmentation of weather and earth’s magnetic field that could eventually lead to catastrophic events for the purpose if war, and the elimination of entire towns, cities, and even countries if developed further. Though we can not prove the allegations, we certainly can see the HAARP’s ‘writing on the wall’.  ( And WE HAVE Begun To PROVE Some Facets; V-MAD’s, Independent Research, Installations across the Globe chronicled…  o…) 

This is a map of a few of the multitudinous sites in China, Said to have the most in operation… Dubai payed China to “Turn the desert green” using weather modification subcontracting…  ( Look it up… ) 



Later, more photos and locations of “HAARP” installations around the world, because you keep asking and it is time for The Awakening…  

Otter Walks on Two Feet…  Survive-All…  08/02/13

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