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Gravity Technology Balances Global Playing Field?

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November 17, 2012 in Science


“He described in simple terms how the electromagnetic-gravitic forces work to enable turning even simple vehicles such as an automobile into craft that can defy gravity and travel at Mach 30-40. He said that African nations are considering the technology to replace rail.”

“Sunday, I conducted a live, 2:20-hour Skype Video interview with Mehran Keshe of the Keshe Foundation. The second half of the show was opened to the audience to ask questions, via the Smart Scarecrow’s chat interface. Keshe wanted to do the interview prior to his pending September 6 private meeting with government delegates from around the world, all of whom have been invited, though not all have accepted the invitation, and some are hesitant to attend due to the U.S.’ pressure to not attend, while others yet are attending despite that pressure.

He said the reason the US in pressuring others not to attend is because the Foundation technology will level the field among the nations of the world so that the most disadvantaged nations can have a defense capability that renders attacks ineffective and even karmic, with the ability to “return to sender”. It makes essentially all Western military technology obsolete.

I asked him how many people understand the technology well enough to replicate it. He replied: 20-30,000 people, primarily Iranian scientists. That is how they intercepted the US drone last December and landed it without harm. (Part I, II)”





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