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Earth’s Two Nearest Neighbors

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October 1, 2015 in Science


The planets Mars and Venus are the two closest worlds to where we live at. These were the first keys for me in understanding how Earth was made. Mars has the same amount of dry land as our planet does which in a true sense directly correlates to Pangaea except in reality that happened on a planetary scale. Yet it was Venus that was the first tell tell sign for me. It’s almost the exact same size as Earth but in almost every other way it’s the antithesis. That would is the most hellish we’ve ever witnessed. Doesn’t take much wits to consider the strong possibility that planet was once very much just like our world but it’s something that’s rarely discussed. Since it’s yet technologically feasible to explore that planet with rovers for extended periods than people give up on establishing the reality. Some people think it can’t ever be completely proven so they gave up on discovering the truth altogether. The evidence we already have is substantial! Learn more about it at PlanetaryFormation.com

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4 responses to Earth’s Two Nearest Neighbors

  1. In principle, I don’t disagree. It’s the practicalities that will bork such a Venus mission.

    One would have to terraform an entire planet, a task we cannot do right here.

    It wouldn’t be fast either, estimates are in the hundreds to thousands of years. Who on Earth would embark on such a project? Governments typically have a life of 4 or 5 years and focus on re-election. They certainly do not focus on projects on the scale of thousands of years.

  2. The then USSR landing a number of probes on Venus:


  3. NASA will not be able to hide life on Mars for much longer. Russian scientist Leonid Ksanfomaliti claimed to have discovered life on Venus. He discovered life on Venus after analysing photographs taken by a Soviet probe that landed on the planet’s surface 30 years ago. NASA was very quick to debunk it where did we hear that before?


    Debunking has nothing to do with science it is merely a tool to silent people. When there is life on Mars and on Venus we can be sure that the universe if full of life. I would even dear to bring forward the hypothesis that there is Life on the moon.

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