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DARPA’s M3 Project : Terminator Robots in 10 Years

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October 29, 2012 in Science


They are designed to hunt you down, going over every obstacle on long legs just like humans. These are the M3 class robots, self contained efficient killers that can be unleashed on a battlefield and take out everything that moves. It’s the dream of the defense advanced research projects division of the pentagon. Terminator robots with human faces and nimble bodies able to jump, crawl, and leap.

The maximum mobility and manipulation program (M3) otherwise known as death in a can, is launching a series of initiatives. The goal – copy how humans manage complex terrain. Built in vision systems analyze and respond to barriers. It’s only a matter of time before we hear those famous words – “You have been targeted for termination”. Sure Drones were cool, but nobody’s gonna mess with the first army to get ten thousand of these bad boys.

While the technology is still being developed, it’s only a few years until more advanced versions will be ready. Will we be?

Meanwhile in the private sector Guru Dean Kamen has created the first workable robotic arm for limb replacement

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2 responses to DARPA’s M3 Project : Terminator Robots in 10 Years

  1. Love the artificial arm. Not so thrilled about the police robot proposal.

  2. l3t the corrupted police kno they r the next if, they aren’t with us!

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