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BREAKING NEWS Apollo Lunar Surface Journal linked to ridiculing, insulting and bullying behavior.

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February 19, 2013 in Science


Dear friends,
Today we would like to inform you that AwE130 has started an investigation into the “Apollo Lunar Surface Journal” and if their editors and contributors are involved into ridiculing, insulting and bullying behavior online. On February 10, 2013 AwE130 debated youtube user Asrtobrant2 live online. during the debate Astrobrant2 stated the youtube user by the name ApolloWasReal is connected to the ALSJ.

AWR is know online to be one of the person that is ridiculing insulting and bullying people he does not agree with. Eric Jones the chief editor of the ALSJ must knows who this person is as he is published in the ALSJ according brant. Outlandish that Eric Jones has not step away from this person. We will open an complete investigation into the ethical and moral behavior of the ALSJ editors and contributors. If this is true what brant said in the debate than we must put question marks by the intention of the ALSJ. We also will investigate the connection of other online users that maybe connected to the ALSJ and use ridicule, insult and bullying behavior. We will send an email to NASA to inform them of our investigation and we will ask them to work together with us on the serious matter. To see if the statement brant made in the debate are indeed correct. If that is the case we will ask NASA to step away from the ALSJ as they well could be the reason for the doubt many people have today about the Apollo moon landings.

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